• Estée Lauder new Lipsticks
    Estée Lauder new Lipsticks

    Hi everyone!I hope you all had a nice week and I already wish you a beautiful week ahead!Today I have some very interesting lip products from Estée Lauder to show you! I posted a swatch of Black Star on Instagram the other day and a lot of you showed much interest in this crazy lipstick! So here is a full blog post with more swatches :DSo let's start with the new Pure Color Love lipsticks! I swat...

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  • Blossom Jeju - 2 Step Petal Masks
    Blossom Jeju - 2 Step Petal Masks

    Hi everyone,I hope you had a good start into 2018 and I wish you all a wonderful 2018 filled with precious moments, love, health, happiness and just all the best!Today I have a review of 2 sheet masks from the brand Blossom Jeju and one of the main ingredients from these masks is....camellia oil! You know, I love camellia oil and I've recently written an ingredient focus article about it. If you w...

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  • A'pieu Vitamin AC Pad
    A'pieu Vitamin AC Pad

    This year, I've been really into using pads in my skincare routine. I've always loved the Cosrx pimple pads but I've also tried the Neogen wine pads, some pads from Wishformula and CommonLabs (reviewed here) and a couple of others. Today I have a review of some Vitamin A and C pads from the Korean brand A'pieu that I got from Jolse.A'pieu is a brand I like because they have affordable yet effecti...

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  • Labiotte Linden Blossom Deep Moisture Cream Mist
    Labiotte Linden Blossom Deep Moisture Cream Mist

    Labiotte might be a not so famous  brand but I bet you have already heard about it. Yes, it's the brand that has launched lip tints in the form of a bottle of wine. They are mainly known for their wine-themed products (lip tints, eyeshadow palettes, balm cleanser, mascara etc), but this relatively new Korean brand also has a couple of skincare lines to offer. Today I have a review of one of their...

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  • Ingredient Focus: Camellia Japonica Seed Oil
    Ingredient Focus: Camellia Japonica Seed Oil

    Hi there,A new Ingredient Focus article! At the moment, I love camellia oil and I thought it could be interesting to write an article about this particular oil! I'm currently using a facial oil that contains camellia oil as one of its main oils (Whamisa Organic Flowers Facial Oil), have been using a couple of sheet masks focusing on camellia oil lately (from Blossom Jeju), and am eager to discover...

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  • Estée Lauder Holiday 2017
    Estée Lauder Holiday 2017

    It's almost Christmas! OMG, I can't believe it! :D Do you have all the gifts for your friends, family and yourself ready? If you need more ideas, here I have 2 of sets that Estée Lauder released this year to celebrate the end of the year!As every year, Estée Lauder has launched  lot of sets, either focused on makeup or on skincare and there is also a special set , the Blockbuster, an amazing se...

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  • Lush Christmas 2017 Collection
    Lush Christmas 2017 Collection

    Hi everyone!Can you believe that Christmas is already in 2 weeks! I can't! But I'm all about the Holiday collections and this year, Lush did it again with a super cute, comfy and adorable collection! I bought myself some products and also received some PR samples and I'll show you everything in this blog post.So let's go!NAKED SHOWER GELSThe first thing that I wanted to tell you about is the new s...

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  • Sephora Winter Wonderland - Holiday collection / 2017
    Sephora Winter Wonderland - Holiday collection / 2017

    Lots of cool and cute products have been launched at Sephora for the holdiays! I have a few pieces to show you so are you ready~~~?Many bath products are present in this collection, such as a cute fizzing magic wand covered in gold glitters. I tried it last week and I really enjoyed it although it didn't provide many bubbles, but I guess you could get more bubbles if you use it as a bath bar, i.e ...

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  • Advent Calendars 2017
    Advent Calendars 2017

    Hi everyone!December is almost there and it means it's almost time to open the first door of our favorite beauty calendars! :DThis year, in addition to the traditional advent calendars containing chocolate, I also received 3 beauty calendars: one from Sephora, one from Essie, and one from L'Occitane!Keep reading if you want to see them and some other favorites of mine.Let's start with the calendar...

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  • Estée Lauder Nutritious Mico-Algae Line
    Estée Lauder Nutritious Mico-Algae Line

    Hi everyone!Here I am with a new skincare review and it's all about Estée Lauder Nutritious Mico-Algae Line. This line was launched earlier this year (in summer 2017) and I've been using it ever since.This line focuses on algae and light and silky textures. As you know I really like Estée Lauder as a brand and I've tried many of their products. I've noticed that they very often add different typ...

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  • B2Link - Common Labs Jelly Masks and Wish Formula Peeling Pads
    B2Link - Common Labs Jelly Masks and Wish Formula Peeling Pads

    I was recently introduced to B2Link. B2link is a young beauty start up focusing on incubating young Korean beauty brands, i.e. they "LINK" K-beauty brands to the world. They distribute K-beauty brands to multiple on/offline channels such as Sephora, ULTA, Taobao, Amazon, and etc. They focus mainly on niche and young brands.I was able to chose some products that interested me on their Amazon Store...

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  • Nars Fall 2017
    Nars Fall 2017

    Hi guys,I hope everything is fine for you and that you had a great weekend!Today I have some Nars products to show you. These were released this fall and there are some gems in there :DI received 4 lip products: 2 Audacious lipsticks, one of their new Powermatte Lip Pigments and a lip liner; and 3 Velvet Shadow Sticks.Let's start with the lip products.I think everyone has heard about the Audacious...

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  • Shiseido - Waso / Collection review
    Shiseido - Waso / Collection review

    I just lost my whole post so I have to rewrite it (ㅠ.ㅠ)Anway, let's go!I'm back after a short break, I am facing new challenges in my life and needed time but I'm back!Today I have a review of some new products from Sheiseido in their WASO line. This new line was introduced this summer/fall and target mainly millennials. WASO wants to be a minimalistic yet effective skincare range that targets...

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  • Estée Lauder x Victoria Beckham collection
    Estée Lauder x Victoria Beckham collection

    Estée Lauder and Victoria Beckham did it again!Last year, the ultra chic and elegant Victoria Beckham collaborated with Estée Lauder to create a sumptuous makeup collection. It goes without saying that the collection was a roaring success and that's also probably why they decided to launch a new collection this year. This collection contains some hit items from last year plus brand new products....

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  • Kat von D in Switzerland
    Kat von D in Switzerland

    Hi everyone,If you love makeup, you've probably heard it: Kat von D is now available in Switzerland in all Sephora (Sephora is present in some Manor). How cool is that?I'm really happy about this because I love the brand. I had the chance to get some of her products when the brand launched in France at the beginning of the year plus I've bought and received some additional products now that the br...

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  • Ingredient Focus : Bifida Ferment Lysate ft. Swanicoco FTE
    Ingredient Focus : Bifida Ferment Lysate ft. Swanicoco FTE

    I was about to write a review of Swanicoco First Treatment Essence (FTE), but then I decided to write an Ingredient Focus article about its main ingredient as it seems you guys enjoy this type of posts :D I also like them because I like researching and writing about ingredients and skincare! The topic of this blog post is all about Bifida Ferement Lysate, the star ingredient of Swanicoco FTE and ...

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  • HiDDENcos Coffee Masks (Latte and Americano) review
    HiDDENcos Coffee Masks (Latte and Americano) review

    Any coffee lovers here? because you will love the HIDDENcos coffee masks, they smell like real coffee! Amazing, isn't it?I got these sheet masks for review from They come packaged in a box containing 10 masks and cost USD 15.98 (USD 12.78 at the moment).I'll start by reviewing the Latte mask!By the way, have you noticed the spelling mistakes (real orignal coffee and revital amplue mask...

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  • Beauty Days at Manor
    Beauty Days at Manor

    Hi everyone,Last week was such a special week because I participated in the Beauty Days at Manor Geneva on Thursday and Saturday. This was a real honor and an amazing opportunity and everything was so amazing, it was like a dream! For those who don't know, Manor is one of the largest (if not the largest) department stores in Switzerland and it's a place I love to go to buy makeup, skincare or clot...

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  • OPI Iceland collection - Swatches & Review
    OPI Iceland collection - Swatches & Review

    Hi there!Here I am with a nail polish blog post with lots of swatches and it's all about the new Fall collection of OPI inspired by Iceland!To be honest, this is one of my favorite OPI collection since a long time. I love all colors and there are some really gorgeous ones! Formula is excellent!So let's go directly to the swatches :DAurora Berry-alis - "When the sun goes down, glowing pink lights u...

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  • Dior Metallics Fall 2017
    Dior Metallics Fall 2017

    A new Dior collection and it's all about metallic, deep shades and colors perfect for fall! :D Fall are always my favorite collections so I was super happy to discover this one by Dior!I bought some products of the collection and I can't wait to show you these babies. Are you ready for this review?In fact, in addition to the Metallics collection, Dior launched new lipsticks and nail polishes, but ...

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