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Innisfree Aritchoke line - Review

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Hi there! I have a super exciting line to show you today. It's from Innisfree and it's a brand new line focussing on artichoke and hydration!
In this line are 2 toners (a light and an intense version), 2 creams/gels (also in light and intense version) and a finishing balm. I got the 2 toners because I wanted to compare them, the light cream (wich is a watery gel) and the balm!

The 4 products contain the following main “active” ingredients, namely artichoke, 3 types of hyaluronic acids, chia seed, centella, houttuynia cordata.
  • Artichoke extract has antioxidant properties and is therefore very interesting. It’s also anti-inflammatory and I’ve also found a small study that showed that an in vivo mouse model cynaropicrin (a sesquiterpene lactone of artichoke extract)...
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Tags:  artichoke, gel, innisfree, jolse, kbeauty, korean, korean cosmetics, skin, skincare, toner


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