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Nail Art │ 'Pond' Manicure in purple and pink [26GNAI]

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Hello, lovelies! How are you today?

I don't wish you happy Friday as I usually do because today is Good Friday and for my religion is a day we reflect on the suffering, a day for grieving before the renewal and the rebirth that the idea of resurrection brings within. Today is a holiday in my country, and for me, it is a day for introspection. We don't do anything special, we eat frugally and we stay at home. If I'm not too tired, I watch the Via Crucis on live streaming once the children go to bed. That's about it. Is today a holiday in your country too? What do you do on days like today?

I have already prepared a manicure for today's Nail Art Challenge, which is "Pond Mani". What? If you'd like to find out what Pond manicure means, please, keep reading!

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