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  • Chef's Table - Niki Nakayama S01E04
    Chef's Table - Niki Nakayama S01E04

    We loved Netflix's Chef's Table fourth episode about Niki Nakayama, an American chef based in LA who grew up with deep Japanese roots due to both of her parents. This is one of our favorite segment of Chef's Table because it talks about finding and standing up for yourself, facing the challenges of being a woman in a men's industry and giving just about everything for the customers. ne propose jam...

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  • Veuve Clicquot Rich with PR-TICULAR
    Veuve Clicquot Rich with PR-TICULAR

    A few weeks ago, we had the chance to attend the Veuve Clicquot Rich Rosé launch at the Lausanne Palace. It was really amazing, just like last year and we weren't disappointed. The Veuve Clicquot Rich limited edition are perfect for summer and hot days because it's made to drink with ice and to create a personalized drink with adding tasty ingredients.This year, we loved to try the White mixed wi...

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  • Fugly Fashion
    Fugly Fashion

     It's been a while but there's a fugly fashion trend and it looks like it's about to last...You know we're not against it at all, we think it's pretty cool to celebrate our uniqueness and sense of style just as we want, but we guess, like everybody else, there are some specific trends that we really don't understand.Fugly seemed to emerge at the same time designers started to finally accept model...

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  • 5 Instagrams to follow right now
    5 Instagrams to follow right now

     @andrewknappFor your daily dog-dose of cuteness ! @souk_and_pixSo many cool and inspiring photos... @o_pinheirojose Amazing creativity, it's like discovering a new world !@keekooilWe adore this dental products' brand's Instagram, so colorful and sweet.@chaubui_Chou Chou from Vietnam is the coolest chick right now <3

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  • Chef's Table - Dan Barber - S01E02
    Chef's Table - Dan Barber - S01E02

    Netflix's culinary documentary serie focuses on Dan Barber for its second episode. Barber is a big name in the foodie world and has received many distinctions (named one of the best new chefs in 2002, and in 2009, named one of the 100 most influential people by Times Magazine).His two restaurants, Blue Hill and Blue Hill At Stone Barns, both in the state of New York are loved and visited from all ...

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  • 5 Instagram accounts to follow right now
    5 Instagram accounts to follow right now

     @amelia_nympheaInspiring account with lots of amazing food and cool displays  @aurelyceriseSo many cool pictures and funky paper creations :)  @ayumiichi3 years old twins poetically staged by their mom, obsessed ! @georgiepuddingnpieWe want to same meals ! Such an inspiring account for foodie lovers   @ruedesrosiersDreamy pictures with a soul, we love it !

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  • Chef's Table - Massimo Botura - S01E01
    Chef's Table - Massimo Botura - S01E01

    Chef's Table is a must-watch documentary serie by and on Netflix. Each episode focuses on one chef and his/her restaurant. It depicts the path, the inspiration, the message and of course the masterpieces of each chef with a powerful photography.The first episode is about Massimo Botura, a born-and-raised Italian foodie from Modena. He fell in love with food as kid, watching his mother cook for the...

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  • 5 Instagram accounts to follow right now
    5 Instagram accounts to follow right now

     @girlgreybeautyAmazing lip make-up game ! To follow asap :)  @petitsbeguinsGreat account to get inspired by the many beautiful pictures ♥︎ @paperboyoCool paper work all around the world !   @pumpkintheraccoonFollow this little raccoon into his daily life at home and with his friends :)  @willitbeardBeard game strong, we adore the idea !

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  • Bullet Journal - Flip Through & Tutorial
    Bullet Journal - Flip Through & Tutorial

    I've been eyeing the Bullet Journal mania on Pinterest and Youtube for a few years now, and decided to share some of the tips I collected along the way...The Bullet Journal is a system which allows you to work with bullet points, and transform them as you go along on your daily/weekly/monthly to-do list(s) ! It's really cool to see your bullet points get a makeover once they're done, or see them e...

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  • We Love... Special T by Nestlé
    We Love... Special T by Nestlé

     Si, comme nous, vous êtes fan de thés, vous craquerez sans doute pour la machine Special T by Nestlé.Comme sa copine Nespresso, Special T fonctionne avec des capsules en aluminium, on adore les packaging des thés ainsi que les couleurs des thés représentés sur chaque capsules (thé noir, thé vert, thé blanc, thé bleu, infusion, etc...), parfait pour ajouter un peu de couleurs dans la c...

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  • Kiabi Haul
    Kiabi Haul

    On vous l'explique dans la vidéo, on a récemment eu la grande chance d'aller fêter l'inauguration des nouvelles collections printemps/été chez Kiabi. Les matières utilisées sont d'excellente qualité, les pièces sont proposées dans un large choix de tailles et les collections sont superbement bien pensées. On a trop craqué et on vous montre nos trouvailles en vidéo, à retrouver bient...

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  • Hey it's ok...
    Hey it's ok...

    ... if you don't have a party trick. You showed up - that's enough.... to write something on your to-do list, just to tick it off as done.... if having more than five internet tabs open means your brain starts to malfunction. Breathe and close.... to be more invested into your flat's decoration than its cleanness.... to wonder is your colleague who doesn't drink coffee has secret superhuman powers...

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  • We Love...
    We Love...

    On est super fans de la nouvelle collection Spridd chez IKEA avec son côté pop art et ses couleurs punchy. On craque particulièrement pour la vaisselle, les textiles et les boîtes en carton :)Pour se détendre, se relaxer et se retrouver, il faut un peu de temps... quoi de mieux que l'espace Lors du Temps dédié à la détente, à l'hypnose et à la périnatalité ? L'espace propose des cours...

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  • Books - Beautiful Broken Bones
    Books - Beautiful Broken Bones

    Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard is a YA novel taking place in Brighton and is the story of the friendship between Caddy and her BFF Rosie who introduces a new school mate, Suzanne. Caddy quickly bonds with Suzanne who's into a lot of trouble. Abuse, reckless behaviors, depression, anxiety... This book is powerful and shows really well the way other people deal with someone's story of viole...

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