Stradivarius Sisters

  • Pink cuddle sweat
    Pink cuddle sweat

    Hey girls !Lors de mon dernier passage à la Halle, j'ai complètement craqué pour ce pull trop trop funky !! Ma passion pour les pulls, le rose et les volants ne pouvait mieux se traduire dans cette pièce :) et en plus tellement comfy que je rêve sans cesse qu'il fasse froid frais pour le mettre tous les jours !Mon copain déteste ces petits volants, il trouve que je ressemble à Harlequin AHA...

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  • Express Your Soul by Rituals
    Express Your Soul by Rituals

    On a récemment eu l'occasion de tester la collection Express Your Soul by Rituals en édition limitée et décorée par une street artist. On adore le design des packaging avec des couleurs fraîches et des bouchons en bois clair. Forcément, on apprécie les formules sans parabènes et sans huiles minérales.Toute la gamme mélange les bénéfices toniques et réconfortant de la verveine à la s...

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  • Fugly Fashion
    Fugly Fashion

     It's been a while but there's a fugly fashion trend and it looks like it's about to last...You know we're not against it at all, we think it's pretty cool to celebrate our uniqueness and sense of style just as we want, but we guess, like everybody else, there are some specific trends that we really don't understand.Fugly seemed to emerge at the same time designers started to finally accept model...

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  • 5 Instagrams to follow right now
    5 Instagrams to follow right now

     @andrewknappFor your daily dog-dose of cuteness ! @souk_and_pixSo many cool and inspiring photos... @o_pinheirojose Amazing creativity, it's like discovering a new world !@keekooilWe adore this dental products' brand's Instagram, so colorful and sweet.@chaubui_Chou Chou from Vietnam is the coolest chick right now <3

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  • Chef's Table - Dan Barber - S01E02
    Chef's Table - Dan Barber - S01E02

    Netflix's culinary documentary serie focuses on Dan Barber for its second episode. Barber is a big name in the foodie world and has received many distinctions (named one of the best new chefs in 2002, and in 2009, named one of the 100 most influential people by Times Magazine).His two restaurants, Blue Hill and Blue Hill At Stone Barns, both in the state of New York are loved and visited from all ...

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  • Messier souls
    Messier souls

    I've got a thing for the type of people who are undeniably themselves. The ones with messy hair, and even messier souls. The kinds of people who wear their hearts on their chest, and have passion in their tears. I've got a thing for those people who laugh at their own jokes, and rejoice in their own success. It's the people who fight for what they believe in and never let their spirit settle that ...

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  • 5 Instagram accounts to follow right now
    5 Instagram accounts to follow right now

     @amelia_nympheaInspiring account with lots of amazing food and cool displays  @aurelyceriseSo many cool pictures and funky paper creations :)  @ayumiichi3 years old twins poetically staged by their mom, obsessed ! @georgiepuddingnpieWe want to same meals ! Such an inspiring account for foodie lovers   @ruedesrosiersDreamy pictures with a soul, we love it !

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  • Bubble Fun
    Bubble Fun

     Comme vous l'avez vu avec le look d'Autumn, on a eu la chance de pouvoir shooter avec Stéphanie Page, une photographe super talentueuse de la région et je vous montre aujourd'hui mon look :)Je porte un petit top avec un imprimé floral de chez C&A avec un leggings noirs et mes lunettes préférées de La Halle, mon sac à dos blanc de La Redoute et mes baskets basses en velours roses de la...

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  • Beauty Talk #10
    Beauty Talk #10

    This summer, we're discovering a new scent from the dry shampoo Batiste range, the light and natural "Bare" which instantly became part of my top 3 Batiste scents :) It's perfect to use in the summer when you wanna be a bit more carefree with your hair routine.Once again, this summer, we're painting our nails with Hema pastel nailpolishes, they don't chip and dry so fast. We're also loving the new...

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  • Good things
    Good things

    The ocean air, waterfalls, and nature taking its course.Falling asleep underneath the stars.Listening to people talk about their travel stories.Being spontaneous, being free, being passionate, being more than content.Morning markets and home-made food.Drunken moments, daisy chains, polaroids.When you step outside in the morning and the air somehow seems fresher and crisper than it does during the ...

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  • Urban boho
    Urban boho

    Hello girls !Ca doit être toute l'Europe qui était prise dans une vague de chaleur cette dernière semaine, mais tout particulièrement ce week-end. Malheureusement, la pluie va bientôt faire son grand retour, alors vite vite, on profite de la plage et de sortir ses plus belles sandales.Avec ce total look LA HALLE, j'ai voulu miser sur la couleur - ce qui me demande un certain effort - et les d...

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