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  • Corn Fields and Superhero abilities
    Corn Fields and Superhero abilities

    It’s Sunday which is actually always a reason to sleep late. But not for me ;) Because I’m going to create a huge mess in my dressing room (this is basically my superhero ability) right now before Stefan wakes up and prevents me doing so. ;) Because at Tuesday Joy and I will FINALLY take off to Italy – yes,

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  • I’m a Barbie Girl
    I’m a Barbie Girl

    Who of you remembers THE song? I guess I don’t even have to say its name after provocatively showing my back respectively my jacket in todays post, but well, I do it anyway, just because: Of course I’m talking about nothing less than “Barbie Girl” THE 90s song performed by Aqua. I remember as if it was yesterday when our high school graduating

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  • A Lost Treasure from Sicily
    A Lost Treasure from Sicily

    Phew, three months passed by already since our blogger trip to Sicily and now guess what I discovered on my MacBook yesterday evening! Yas, an unpublished photo story shot on this beautiful Italian island! And even the one with my favorite outfit I wore during the trip! So for

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  • Call me Sissy
    Call me Sissy

    Two days ago I was complaining about how slow times’s running snailing, now I wonder why it’s Friday already. I’m hard to please, huh? No seriously, I’m really looking forward to the week this time because I’m prepared. I have a plan: Doing a picnic on a boat on the lake, heading to Ikea for a couple of thin

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  • Time’s a snail (for once)
    Time’s a snail (for once)

    Happy day, buddies. It feels like ages ago when I shared my last outfit with you guys the past Friday. Maybe because of the fact that I’m finally in a summer break from studies and therefore I have a couple of hours – no, even days – per week left, which were usually filled with lots of school pro

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  • Vegan Recipe: Pineapple Smoothie Bowl
    Vegan Recipe: Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

    Sundays are here for extensive breakfasts, that’s for sure! As a visual person I love mine not only to taste fantastic but also look fantastic at the same time. Especially when I surprise my boyfriend with breakfast in bed or my family comes over for brunch, the breakfast idea I’m sharing today d

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  • She a Monster
    She a Monster

    Today’s outfit is the very last one from fashion week in Berlin two weeks ago. It’s not one that I wore to any shows as you may can see from the simplicity of the look but rather one I wore for a couple of weeks and a brunch with some of my favorites German blogger buddies. But it also works during

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  • It’s a Jewel(l)
    It’s a Jewel(l)

    They’re always there for you, whenever you need them. They make you feel at ease all day. Sometimes you take off with them but usually they keep you on the ground. They’re game for anything. They’re jewels. What sounds like the description of a wonderful friendship is actually a description of one special shoe – the Jewell, th

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  • Like a Boy
    Like a Boy

    Well, I didn’t felt as much like a boy due to my headscarf and some of the probably highest (and prettiest!) high heels I own. But still a bit. Because during Berlin Fashion Week I did not only wear an oversized pair of denim but also a shirt from the men’s department. Well, honestly it has quite some feminine features

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  • DIY: Graphic Tableware
    DIY: Graphic Tableware

    Finding beautiful tableware might seems like a ridiculously easy task but I experienced it’s actually not. Because between simple white and horrible patterns there’s basically nothing, especially if you have a very specific idea of what you’re looking for. In this case there’s only o

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  • Family Reunion in Berlin
    Family Reunion in Berlin

    Last week when I was in Berlin I spent an entire day with Marc Cain and other blogger girls (Vicky, Nina, Kate, Sofie and Alexandra). After our first collaboration at the very beginning of the year, this time it truly felt like a family reunion where you tell each other the latests news and stories and well, wo

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  • Batik

    If there’s one thing – except leggings and a denim mini skirt – of which I’d have sworn to never ever wear it in my entire life, it’s batik prints. You know, those patterns you somehow did yourself when in kindergarten but you don’t remember anymore how you actually did. Well, here I am, wearing batik and LOVING i

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  • Tutorial: Space Buns – Festival Hair
    Tutorial: Space Buns – Festival Hair

    The festival season in Switzerland has finally started. This weekend thousands of peeps will be celebrating at Openair St. Gallen while next weekend they’ll be switching over to Frauenfeld for fresh hip-hop beats and it’s not going to stop afterwards since many other open air concerts will keep up your festival mood

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  • A piece of Italy in Switzerland
    A piece of Italy in Switzerland

    My dear Swiss fashion friends, did you already hear the big news of the year? Well, that was a nasty one. A bit broadly speaking I guess. But one or another fellow fashionista may still knows what I’m talking about. For the other ones, the solution is coming NOW! The Italian fashion giant OVS (pronunciation: Oviesse) clandestinely settled down her

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  • Bedtime Stories
    Bedtime Stories

    Do you remember when going to bed was a punishment? How stupid we were! Nowadays my bed is my best friend and usually I can’t wait to see it again. Because sleep is so incredibly important to fuel up with the needed energy for the next day, yet I catch up on a good amount of sleep too rarely. Therefor

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  • My secret Lifesaver
    My secret Lifesaver

    Recently I seem to really love the French or specifically the Parisian look but it’s not even deliberately. Instead it’s just the fact that I really have a thing with knee-length skirt worn with statement tees or loose fitting button down shirts and not to forget the necessary accessory on the no

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  • Vacation Vibes
    Vacation Vibes

    Morning, morning lovelies. Looking at my outfit today one could easily think I’v been on vacation. Well, I wish I was. Instead I’m at home and it’s almost 30 degrees so I live up to the motto “less is more” when it comes to dressing up in

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  • Los Angeles Shopping Hint
    Los Angeles Shopping Hint

    It seems like all the past journeys slowly come to an end here on the blog as well. After I shared the very last impressions from Sicily in this post, we’re also going to finish the LA-trip with the last pictures which were actually the first ones. Well, you know what I mean, they were the first pictures we actually

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  • Raw Sea
    Raw Sea

    It’s Friday which means it’s weekend. Well, at least almost. But here on the blog it also means one last throwback to Sicily. You already know that the taxi drive to this place, to the beach, hhas not been a bargain and you also already know that I haven’t even been in the water except for these shots. Shame

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  • Rose Tits
    Rose Tits

    I love Switzerland and my home – I really do – but sometimes I feel like really cooped in. Usually there’s always one or a couple of travels planned and we all know the greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation. But sometimes they’re still so far away or there’s even nothing on the agenda yet and I feel like it’s about time

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