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  • Paris, why don’t you like me
    Paris, why don’t you like me

    After spending the past week in Berlin for fashion week, then returning home to Switzerland for two days of studies (80% of compulsory attendance is kinda suboptimal for me at the moment), we just landed in Paris yesterday. But much as I love this city – especially for its magnificent architecture – the city seems not to return my love.

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  • Nightlights

    You know, I have always been able to tell what kind of a person I am. Always in time, reliable, ambitious, honest, but sometimes a bit clumsy and maybe a little bit naive as well! Also, I always believed that humans can’t change (and can’t be changed) in the main features of their characters – I also thought I won’t change that

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  • My Night Out Make Up
    My Night Out Make Up

    The holiday season is over, the new year has started and the weather is still gloomy and grey. No reason for bad mood though because there’s a whole lot we can do to brighten up our everyday life with colors and to keep the wonderful holiday atmosphere going for just a little bit longer. For example with our way to dress a

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  • My Sale Picks
    My Sale Picks

    So far I successfully managed to ignore the fact that the bargain hunter aka. sale season aka. my favorite season of the year started. For one thing because it can be really frustrating to see all the things you just purchased recently for full price are now reduced and for another thing because there are

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  • Tutorial: Last Minute Christmas Hairstyle
    Tutorial: Last Minute Christmas Hairstyle

    Usually I’m not a very romantic or even kitschy person. I swear. At least in 11 months of the years, but well, not in that one Christmas month. It’s that time of the year I’m channeling my inner child and easily freak out in the Christmas department of my local grocery store. So this year we ended up with one

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  • A Sparkling Christmas
    A Sparkling Christmas

    There’s only more or less one month left until we can set our beautifully decorated Christmas trees on fire – uhm, the candles, I mean! But for all the Christmas lovers among you who can not wait for THE day, this is still waaaay too long, right? Well, you can do it just like I did: Drive up to the

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  • Red Carpet Ready
    Red Carpet Ready

    Red Carpets are always special occasions – but honestly they’re also those kind of occasions I don’t feel very comfortable with. I actually feel like a lost lamb which ended up at a place where it doesn’t really belong to. You know, when you’re standing there – all eyes on you – you suddenly start to question the fit of

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  • What I love about Traveling
    What I love about Traveling

    Can you guess what I love so much about traveling? And I’m not talking about the fact that one who travels isn’t working (or at least most of the people). I’m neither talking about all the adventures, discovering foreign places, unknown food and getting to know new people. I mean these are all reasons – good reaso

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  • Recipe: Over Night Power Breakfast
    Recipe: Over Night Power Breakfast

    I’m one of these very rare examples of an actual morning person. One reason might be, that I prefer to have important things done as early as possible to reduce pressure during the day (such an idol, right?) another reason might be that I just LOVE breakfast. Well, basically both reasons relate

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  • When In Paris
    When In Paris

    adas Hello again, meine Lieben. Mit reichlich Verspätung kommen jetzt auch endlich die weiteren Outfits aus Paris und heute eines, dass euch auf Instagram anscheinend besonders gut gefallen hat. Leider, leider hinke ich aktuell ein wenig hinterher, da im Studium die Deadlines von zwei grossen Projekten näher r

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  • A Day With OVS and Bianca Balti
    A Day With OVS and Bianca Balti

    Some of you already saw it on Instagram. The others will see it NOW. Recently I was in Milan for a brand which you should rather keep it mind. But let’s start at the scratch! Einige von euch haben es bereits bereits durch Instagram erfahren, die anderen erfahren es JETZT. Ich war kürzlich für einen Brand in Mailand un

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  • Paris Fashion Week Streetstyle
    Paris Fashion Week Streetstyle

    If you watch my Instagram account regularly you know, I’ve recently been in the city of love – thanks to Paris Fashion Week. The trip started unexpected… with someone emptying his coffee all over my white pants which actually rather made me laugh because for a change, it was not me, myself and I who was staining my own whit

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  • A New Way to get Red Carpet Ready
    A New Way to get Red Carpet Ready

    You’d almost think that someone with a four meter wardrobe is basically ready for every situation, outfitwise at least. Even I thought so but had to find out that it’s simply not true. It might be true in everyday life, but it is not when it comes to special occasions – be it a wedding or any other glamorous event. I mean

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  • Lady In Red
    Lady In Red

    Good morning girls. After all the beauty and travel posts the past days and weeks, I feel like it’s an eternity since I shared my last “normal” outfit with you guys. In the case of this one, we took the pictures spontaneously on the way to a dinner here in Switzerland. And honestly, I really

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  • Throwbacks & Plans
    Throwbacks & Plans

    Slowly but surely we’re coming to the end of all the pictures we took in the beautiful Cinque Terre. But yet it’s not the time because after the pictures I’m sharing today, there will be one more series of pictures coming up next week and it will be one of my personal favorites. You know, I’m always saving the best for last.

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  • I fall in love with places I’ve never been
    I fall in love with places I’ve never been

    Meanwhile an entire month passed by since we headed off to Cinque Terre and we’re still not done with all the pictures we took. Italy is such a beautiful place on earth with countless of magical cities and villages, some I already discovered and some unfortunately I didn’t so far. But you know, I’m still young and my

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  • About spontaneity and realness
    About spontaneity and realness

    And here we go with some more photos take in wonderful Cinque Terre. I hope you guys already read the huge Cinque Terre travel guide I revealed some time ago? These pictures were a very spontaneous move as I didn’t even plan to shoot this outfit for the blog because I just found it too simple, too bori

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  • The Struggles of being Swiss
    The Struggles of being Swiss

    What a week! Right in the very beginning of this week, we took off to Venice for the 74th Venice Film Festival. I always thought Cannes is the one big festival of this kind but regarding the array of Hollywood stars doing themselves the honor of attending the Film Festival, Venice can easily hold a candle to Cannes, that’s for

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