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  • 72hrs in Barcelona

    Meanwhile an entire month passed by since we’ve traveled to Barcelona for 72 hours. Well, probably some of you already followed the journey real-time via Instagram and some may already discovered the new little project of heart we’ve been working on: video content! It’s been a while now since I started to feel like I really want to change something, I want Read More

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  • Tutorial: Summer Hair With A Scarf
    Tutorial: Summer Hair With A Scarf

    Summer slowely draws to a close, BUT temperatures luckily still stay summery and honestly, the post-summer-holiday-period is my favorite time for vacations at the beach. I mean, it’s still midsummer-like at many beach areas and finally the major flow of tourists went back home. So, why not sharing my belated favorite summer respectively

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  • RiverIsland

    qda dadas Get the look Top: River Island Pants: River Island Bag: Burberry Shoes: River Island Sunglasses: Ray-ban Belt: asos   Photos by Joy Oelen Edit & Art Direction by yours truly

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  • Gingham Skirt
    Gingham Skirt

    adasd adasd Get the look Shirt: asos Skirt: Finery Shoes: Superga Bag: Fendi Bag Strap: Fendi Sunglasses: Acne Studios or budget option Watch: Panthère de Cartier     Photos by Stefan Benninger Edit & Art Direction by yours truly

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  • Cannes Film Festival 2018
    Cannes Film Festival 2018

    Meanwhile a couple of days passed by since Dyson invited us to walk over the red carpet of the most well-know film festival – the Cannes Film Festival and you surely remember the pictures and stories shared over my Instagram back then. But I still really want to give you deeper insight into what happened and above all I want

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  • I’m back
    I’m back

    “Michèle, you’re not posting on the blog anymore!”, my mom said, yesterday when I visited my parent’s house. And even if I know very well that I’m not posting as frequently as I used to, in this very moment, I realized I do indeed publish barely nothing at the moment. “You know, that’s very sad because I always lo

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  • Tutorial: Longer Hair in 2 Minutes
    Tutorial: Longer Hair in 2 Minutes

    Lately I often receive quite a good amount of compliments regarding my hair and how long it has grown recently. What nobody knows: I actually cheat and I’ll tell you how. ;) Since a few weeks I have a new go-to hairstyle which I wear almost daily because it’s made in only 2 m

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  • DIY: Bath Bombs Easter-Style
    DIY: Bath Bombs Easter-Style

    It feels like it has only been yesterday when I got into that Easter mood. But meanwhile an entire month passed by since I shared my first Easter DIY which was sweet (but almost calorie-free) unicorn eggs. Now there are only two days left until the Easter celebrations with your family and friends. But what to bring along for the host

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  • DIY: Pastel Egg Cups
    DIY: Pastel Egg Cups

    After my unicorn easter eggs and bunny shaped pizza I’m pretty sure you guys realized how much I love the Easter season. Therefore here we go with another DIY which does not only satisfy my fellow Easter lovers but also those who just love aesthetics and creating things with their own hands. Today I’ve got a tutorial on how

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  • Très Parisienne in Berlin
    Très Parisienne in Berlin

    Meanwhile quite some time passed by since I attend Berlin Fashion Week mid January, but I still have these pictures of my personal favorite outfit and couldn’t keep it back, so here you go. I guess, in my mind I was already in Paris when I did this styling as I traveled there only a few days later. So the outf

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  • Paris, why don’t you like me
    Paris, why don’t you like me

    After spending the past week in Berlin for fashion week, then returning home to Switzerland for two days of studies (80% of compulsory attendance is kinda suboptimal for me at the moment), we just landed in Paris yesterday. But much as I love this city – especially for its magnificent architecture – the city seems not to return my love.

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  • Nightlights

    You know, I have always been able to tell what kind of a person I am. Always in time, reliable, ambitious, honest, but sometimes a bit clumsy and maybe a little bit naive as well! Also, I always believed that humans can’t change (and can’t be changed) in the main features of their characters – I also thought I won’t change that

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  • My Night Out Make Up
    My Night Out Make Up

    The holiday season is over, the new year has started and the weather is still gloomy and grey. No reason for bad mood though because there’s a whole lot we can do to brighten up our everyday life with colors and to keep the wonderful holiday atmosphere going for just a little bit longer. For example with our way to dress a

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  • My Sale Picks
    My Sale Picks

    So far I successfully managed to ignore the fact that the bargain hunter aka. sale season aka. my favorite season of the year started. For one thing because it can be really frustrating to see all the things you just purchased recently for full price are now reduced and for another thing because there are

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  • Tutorial: Last Minute Christmas Hairstyle
    Tutorial: Last Minute Christmas Hairstyle

    Usually I’m not a very romantic or even kitschy person. I swear. At least in 11 months of the years, but well, not in that one Christmas month. It’s that time of the year I’m channeling my inner child and easily freak out in the Christmas department of my local grocery store. So this year we ended up with one

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  • A Sparkling Christmas
    A Sparkling Christmas

    There’s only more or less one month left until we can set our beautifully decorated Christmas trees on fire – uhm, the candles, I mean! But for all the Christmas lovers among you who can not wait for THE day, this is still waaaay too long, right? Well, you can do it just like I did: Drive up to the

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  • Red Carpet Ready
    Red Carpet Ready

    Red Carpets are always special occasions – but honestly they’re also those kind of occasions I don’t feel very comfortable with. I actually feel like a lost lamb which ended up at a place where it doesn’t really belong to. You know, when you’re standing there – all eyes on you – you suddenly start to question the fit of

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