About us

The idea

While teaching Online PR to students, last year (@Polycom), I challenged them to find as many blogs as they could about family. We hardly managed to find 10...
Later that year, I had a ski accident which reduced my mobility to a chair and a computer :(
So in order to get busy, I started to search for blogs. Found a few. They were hidden. Difficult to find. At the same time wonderful, creative, inspiring. The idea seeded.
Being a blogger, I know the dedication and work it requires.
I thought it would be cool to have a site, like hellocotton in France, that would be showing Swiss blogs. After 6 months of hard work, Coolblogging was born.
The name came spontaneously. I was explaining the project to a friend. She said: this is cool to see all the cool blogs!. The name was born.

The platform

People like things to be fast and easy. They don’t explore much. Get bored quickly.
Inspired by applications like flipboard, we immediately chose the « magazine » format. To make an impact a magazine is much more powerful than just a list of names or links. Much more engaging. There are plenty of lists and it brings nothing to readers and little to bloggers. We wanted to to soomething nice for both of them.
It facilitates exploration and creates a wonderful reading experience allowing to stumble upon and read great content.
Coolblogging is a pleasant way to discover the amazing quality of Swiss blogs.

Our approach

We are open to any discussion and happy to help. We improve continuously. So if you have suggestions or questions, feel free to reach out.
But we need your support because handling such a project is not easy (We have no ressources). So bear with us if we cannot do everything you want :)
You wish to help us? Invite your connections to like, share and add their blogs (The more visibility we get, the more visible you get too).


I am Sandrine Szabo. I blog on professionweb and netinfluence since 2006.
For a living I run an agency (netinfluence), teach, coach startups and do all I can to instillate a digital culture in companies. I am a creator, learn every single day, love blogs and profoundly love marketing and design.
We? Well as you guessed a few hands are behind this (I do not code). And I owe them a lot! Kudos to them :)

ProfessionWeb Sarl
Rue St germain 8D
1030 Bussigny-près-lausanne

+41 (0) 78 864 15 72




Coolblogging is an aggregator. All the content you can read here belongs to you, the authors. We want to preserve your ownership. We therefore did the following:

  • on home & category pages your pictures are watermarked
  • each article names you as the author
  • when viewing your article (detail) the left column shows your blog logo, blog description and socials
  • we also added the following mention on each article « This article comes from - your url - and is the sole property of its author »
  • we added a link to your blog in the left column
  • each article links to your original article


To create a meaningful experience we mapped the blog according to categories that made sense for all blogs. We created our categories based on more than 200 blogs we carefully examined.
Each blog is mapped manually to ensure better quality. For blogs talking about one single subject like beauty or fashion, all their content gets attributed to the corresponding category.
For blogs talking about several subjects we use articles labels to map to corresponding categories. A few blogs however can get tricky as they don’t use any label or don’t send them through the feed. It can occasionally create weird mapping. We apologize for this. The best way to have a cool mapping is therefore to use and send labels in your feed.


We are concerned to do the right thing.
We want to get an authority we can transfer to blogs with quality permalinks. To get this authority and be visible we need to reference some content. But as we don't want this to create duplicate content nor alter blogs position we offer the following alternative:
Only show an extract of content - in this case the extract is indexed and a link sends to the blog to reading the remaining article,
Let us integrate the entire content - to provide a better user experience for readers - in this case, in order to prevent duplicate content we tag the article with NO INDEX for google not to index it's content.
We think this is the best trade off we can offer to handle both search engines & user experience. You can choose what suits you best in your profile.

Contacting bloggers

Some brands or agency might see an opportunity to contact them for a campaign. This is a great idea but bear in mind that not all blogs are open to this. We can help you reaching out to bloggers based on the instructions they set in their profile. Should you have any question, feel free to contact us.


Creating this platform required an immense amount of work and dedication. We created this project on our free time (actually nights) to give blogs some visibility and hope to cover our costs with ads, or contribute to it.
This won’t make us millionaires (no one in Switzerland lives from advertising). If we are lucky, this might cover the hosting & development costs ;-) But if you want to support the effort with creative ideas, feel free to contact us.
We consider the possibility to open advertising to bloggers for you to advertise on your events (contests you organise, ebooks you created…). When we will be ready for this feature, it will be free for bloggers.

Services to brands

A few great sites offer services to create campaigns or test products. We can relay a campaign (advertising part) but do not conceive campaigns nor product testings. We can recommend some names if you wish.
However, If you wish to advertise here or sponsor us, we will be more than happy. This will help us bear the costs of this project.


We protect all the bloggers information as per your settings. Each blogger has the ability to access a profile page where you can tell us which information to display.
To appear in this directory, blogs need to apply.
During the launch period, we also added blogs that were either optin (they gave permission) or suggested by the community. For these, pending validation, we display a notice inviting them to tell us if they wish to validate their profile or remove it.

Submitting a blog

If you wish to integrate your blog to this platform, you can add it here. Integration requires a little work from our side. It’s not automatic because we have to map the blog and check that we do not face technical issues. It might take up to 5 days to get your approval.
We accept all blogs as long as they are Swiss based or entirely dedicated to Switzerland.
We accept the 4 languages: Italian, French, German, english.


You will be able to add a description (350 characters) and a picture (265x130). We recommend you to use a white background type of logo for a better rendering.
You location will be asked in order to indicate your canton.
You email will be asked to communicate with you. It will never be published.
We ask for a name, because it is easier to call you by your name but if you prefer to use a « username » on the front end, we are fine with it. Your name will remain secret if you do not wish to publish it.
We also ask you to add your socials in order to encourage you readers to follow you.


We plan to create a small dashboard to count views & traffic we send you either through the site or socials. But this will take some time since it requires a few ressources to code.

Feed content

To provide a great experience to readers, we think showing your entire articles is best. When you listen to a music on the radio, you would not like it to stop after a few seconds and be asked to change station. The same goes for reading.
But we also heard the reluctancy of some of you to show more than an extract. So we set the « extract » aggregation by default and will allow you change this setting, if you support our approach (to have the full article) in your profile

Removing a blog

Each blogger can, at any time, quit the platform. In the blogger interface, we added a button to ask for removal. It’s effective immediately but can take a little longer for google to remove indexation.

Amplification of your visibility

We might contribute to your traffic. But we think amplifying your visibility is where we can help the most.
Everytime you publish a new article, we will tweet a link to it (not to our platform but to your blog post directly) via our twitter account. We plan to do the same for facebook.
If your article is the latest of a category, it will appear on our homepage.
Your profile page will show a condensed version of your profile (description, socials) as well as your latests articles, tweets, instagrams… Each post will contain this same info in the left column so that readers identify the author and source easily.
Every retweet, share of a coolblogging social will generate attention around Coolblogging, thus attracting new readers constantly.
This initiative will reach a larger Swiss audience than you can individually organically get. It also values your work as you belong to the community of the « best Swiss blogs »
This will add to the visibility and traffic you actually get and - we hope - leverage it.

What is Coolblogging

Coolblogging is a project created to showcase the immense quality of the swiss blogosphere.

We aggregate blogs, increase their visibility through a magazine like site creating a pleasant reading experience.

All the content you can read here, belongs to the blog owners.

What we can do for you

If you are a blogger

You can add your blog as long as it is swiss based.

If you are a brand

You wish to advertise here?

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