• Silver Texas Tea
    Silver Texas Tea

    A blue and silver combo is more winter like, but who says you can't wear in in summer?My base are three coats of Colors by Llarowe Black Gold Texas Tea. The name sounds like a black polish, it looks charcoal in the bottle, but on the nails, it's a navy blue linear holo. For the stamping, I chose a flower pattern from ÜberChic plate 1-02 and the silver holo Color Club Harp On It. One coat of KB...

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  • Peacock

    Peacock is the name of today's polish, and it matches the colors perfectly.In the bottle, Peacock looks mostly green, since the green hex glitters are stuck to the bottle. On the nails, the deep purple jelly base and the silver shard glitters are more prominent. I used three coats and added one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top. Picture Polish are available at  Harlow & Co., Pshiiit and th...

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  • Matte Flakies
    Matte Flakies

    Let's start the week with some multichrome flakies.As base I used a deep red creme, Essie Carry On. The flakie topper is Nfu Oh 51 (don't you hate it when polishes don't have names, only numbers?). It looks mostly red in the bottle (that's why I chose the red base), but it also shifts over orange and green to blue, almost the whole rainbow. I haven't worn a matte mani in a while and I love matt...

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  • 1. August Mani
    1. August Mani

    Last thursday was the Swiss national holiday, and as every year, I wore my nails accordingly.I went for a quick and easy holiday mani. Just three coats of Cult Nails Bitten, a cherry red with flakie shimmer, and a distressed white cross I painted with the almost dry brush of my Born Pretty Store white stamping polish. One coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top and the mani was finished.

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  • When Colours Collide: Turquoise, Yellow and Pink
    When Colours Collide: Turquoise, Yellow and Pink

    After a short break, the When Colours Collide challenge is back again with the prompt turquoise, yellow and pink. I went for a patchwork-style mani. As base I applied three coats of Essie Chillato, a pale yellow creme with green undertones. Then I added a reverse stamping using MoYou London Mix & Match Collection plate 02, MoYou London Winter Sky stamping polish and Essie Lady Like. As usua...

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  • Watcher On The Walls
    Watcher On The Walls

    Watcher On The Walls is today's polish of Glimmer by Erica's Game of Thrones collection.Watcher On The Walls has a sheer black jelly base filled with silver and aqua hexes, silver microglitter and big silver holographic dots. The dots tend to stick to the bottle and didn't want to come out, but the few I got looked like a full moon in a night's sky on my nails. Just like the sky John Snow would...

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  • Aurora Borealis
    Aurora Borealis

    I live way too much south to actually see the Aurora Borealis, but at least I can wear it on my nails...Aurora Borealis is the name of this polish of the Born Pretty Store Aurora Magnetic Series. It's a beautiful multichrome shifting from teal over blue and purple to pink (and it's very camera shy, it wont show the shift too much in my pictures. The last picture probably shows it best). So the ...

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  • Lay Down With Number 13
    Lay Down With Number 13

    Lay Down With Number 13 is the name of today's polish by Girly Bits.Lay Down With Number 13 is a dark green jelly with lots of pink glitters. You can see the glitters perfectly in the bottle shot, but sadly, they weren't as visible on the nails. I used three coats and added one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top. Girly Bits polishes are available at her own store,Harlow & Co.and Mei Mei's S...

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  • Over The Harvest Moon For You
    Over The Harvest Moon For You

    From green to blue an wednesday...Today's polish is Pretty  and Polished Over The Harvest Moon For You, a sheer dark blue jelly with silver holo sparcles and blue glitters in hex, dot and moon shape, some of them holographic. Since the base was so sheer, I layered one coat over a dark blue base (two coats of Essie Midnight Cami). One generous coat of KBShimmer Clearly On top gave the mani a sm...

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  • Oppulent Sapphire Flowers
    Oppulent Sapphire Flowers

    After the last rather monochrome week, let's start this one with some color.My base are three coats of P2 Oppulent Sapphire (Secret Splendor LE), a sapphire green shimmer with iridescent flakies. At first, I was planning to wear it on it's own, but the flakies didn't really translate to the nail, so it looked somewhat bland... For the stamping I used Kiko Mirror Nail Lacquer 626 (Lawn Green) an...

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  • Thunder & Lightening
    Thunder & Lightening

    Since the last mani I showed you was all white, let's continue with a black one, shall we?Today's polish is Models Own Thunder & Lightening, a black jelly with tiny holo sparkles. I used four coats, but didn't get it opaque nontheless. If you're aiming for a competely opaque mani, better use a black creme base. This one dries somewhat satin matte, but one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top ga...

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  • The final Frontier
    The final Frontier

    Today I have a rather old mani to show you, I wore this one on a SciFi convention about a month ago.As base I used ILNP My Little Glacier (H), a multichrome with a subtle shift from an icy blue to a little darker shade and a as well subtle holo effect. For the stamping I used black Born Pretty Store stamping polish and MoYou London Sci-Fi Collection plate 10. I added one coat of Bundle Monster ...

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  • When Colours Collide: Negative Space in White
    When Colours Collide: Negative Space in White

    Negative space in white was the latest prompt of the When Colours Collide challenge.This one really was a challenge for me. Not because it was a very complicated mani, I did a simple stamping. But I've been wearing nail polish on a more or less daily basis for the last, well, almost 25 years, and so my nails are quite yellow (that's why I usually don't show them without polish). I did use a whi...

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  • 4th of July
    4th of July

    Happy Independence Day to my american readers! Of course, it's not a holiday here in Switzerland, but I'm going to a Kiss concert tonight (my first and probably last, since this is supposed to be their final tour), so it's a special day for me, too ;-)With a polish called Star Spangled, canadian brand Girly Bits pays a lovely hommage to their southern neighbour with lots of blue and some red an...

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  • Mickey in Aragon
    Mickey in Aragon

    Let's start the week with some multichrome flakies.As base I used three coats of OPI Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow, a very dark green creme. Then I dabbed on one coat of Colors By Llarowe Mickey, a clear based flakie topper shifting from blue over aqua to green, plus some tiny glitters that shift thgough the whole rainbow. One coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top was the finishing step.Colors By Ll...

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  • Rainbow

    I almost missed it, but june's not over yet, so it's still Pride Month. Here's my rainbow mani.I've seen a mani like this (much better executed, though) somewhere in the internet and loved it so much, I decided to copy it. I forgot where it originated, so if you think I copied your mani, leave me a comment, so I can link you.I started with a white base (two coats of Essence Wild White Ways) and...

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  • When Colours Collide: Neon
    When Colours Collide: Neon

    Neons were the prompt for the latest round for the When Colours Collide challenge. I really don't like neons, they clash horribly with my skin tone, but I do own some, just for challenges like this one... My neon polish is MoYou London Crazy Citrus, a neon green creme. I'm usually perfectly happy with the formula of MoYou stamping polish, even for a full many, but sadly, this one disappointed m...

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  • Frisch Lackiert Challenge: Doppelstamping
    Frisch Lackiert Challenge: Doppelstamping

    It's already the final round for the Frisch Lackiert Challenge with the theme double stamping.As usual, I went for a tone in tone mani with muddy green shades. My base are two coats of MoYou London Olive Tree, a grey-ish light green creme (more sage than olive in my eyes...). Then I doublestamped a pattern from the ÜberChic plate 1-01, first with white Born Pretty Store stamping polish, then ...

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  • Frisch Lackiert Challenge: Glänzend & Matt
    Frisch Lackiert Challenge: Glänzend & Matt

    Today, Frisch Lackiert wants to see manis that combine shiny and matte.For this kind of mani, I prefer to use two very similar colors, so the difference in finish pops a little more. My two polishes are from MoYou London and have almost the same name, Purple Mouse (creme) and Purple House (shimmer). I applied two coats of Purple Mouse as base and mattefied it with one coat of Picture Polish G'D...

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  • When Colours Collide: Nude & Gold
    When Colours Collide: Nude & Gold

    Nude and gold where the colors of the latest round of When Colours Collide.I started with three coats of Essie Topless & Barefoot, a rose leaning nude creme. For the plaid stamping I used Über Chic Pretty In Plaid plate and L'Oréal Chrome Shine 343. One coat of Bundle Monster Smudge Free Top Coat and one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top finished the mani.

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