• Lucky Nirvana
    Lucky Nirvana

    It has been raining the last couple of days here in Switzerland, and nature really embraces the much needed water (I don't like the weather too much, but nature's needs are more important...). So with all the green spreading around, some green on my nails, too. As base I used three coats of Born Pretty Store Nirvana (Melody Life Series), a leafy green creme.My glitter topper is Penélope Luz L...

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  • Frisch Lackiert Challenge: Reverse Stamping
    Frisch Lackiert Challenge: Reverse Stamping

    Reverse stamping is today's challenge prompt.I really love portuguese azulejo, those blue ceramic tile art, so I went for a white and blue pattern with the MoYou London Porcelain Collection plate 04 and white Born Pretty Store stamping polish. I filled the tiles with three shades of blue (MoYou London Chill Out, Barry M. Indigo and Essie Bobbing For Baubles) directly on my stamper and applied i...

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  • When Colours Collide: Multichrome
    When Colours Collide: Multichrome

    Again a challenge mani, today for the latest round of When Colours Collide, that ended last sunday. The prompt was duo- or multichrome.My duochrome polish is Girly Bits Shift Happens, a beautiful shift from green to red. This one is too sheer to be worn alone, so I layered two coats over a very dark green creme (two coats of Essie Stylenomics). I just love the more "coarse" look of this topper,...

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  • Frisch Lackiert Challenge: Galaxy
    Frisch Lackiert Challenge: Galaxy

    This week, Frisch Lackiert wants to see galaxy nails, and her wish is my command ;-)Since these are only my second galaxy nails, I followed this Youtube tutorial, using Essence Deep Blue Sea as base and sponging with Essence Wild White Ways and Black Is Back, Essie Rock The Boat and Catrice It's All I Can Blue. The glitter topper is Catrice Have An Ice Day. I added some stars using a dotting to...

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  • Gold Rock
    Gold Rock

    Something more colorful for today.As base I used three coats of Essie School Of Hard Rock, a teal creme with grey undertones. I was so sure I had already shown this one, so I didn't take a swatch picture. But I found out I only used it in a nail art post where you can't really see it on it's own...On the base I dabbed one coat of Lumina Lacquer Gold Dust Woman, a clear based glitter topper with...

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  • Chocolate Cog Wheels
    Chocolate Cog Wheels

    How about some steampunk for today?I started with three coats of ILNP Chocolate Slate, a chocolate brown (duh) polish with holo sparkles and some golden flakies.For the stamping I used Barry M. Gold Foil and Born Pretty Store stamping plate Time Travel BPX-L023. If you like steampunk manis, you definitely need this stamping plate, it's full of different cog wheel patterns. As usual, I added one...

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  • Frisch Lackiert Challenge: Miau
    Frisch Lackiert Challenge: Miau

    Kitties are this week's challenge theme with the prompt meow. That gave me the perfect opportunity to test my new MoYou London stamping plate: Space Cats! As base I used three coats of one of my "night sky in a bottle"-polishes, LynBDesigns Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. Then I stamped the space cats and stars using Barry M. Silver Foil and MoYou London Sci-Fi Collection plate 10. One ...

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  • When Colours Collide: Pastels
    When Colours Collide: Pastels

    Pastels only were the prompt for the latest round of When Colours Collide.I started with three coats of Essie Chillato. Essie call this color a pistachio green, but in my eyes, it clearly is a pastel yellow with just slight green undertones.  I really love the water marble look, but I just suck at this technique, so I cheated a little using Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-XL210 and MoYou Lond...

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  • Frisch Lackiert Challenge: Blumig
    Frisch Lackiert Challenge: Blumig

    Today, a new round of the Frisch Lackiert Challenge starts, with the prompt flowery.I opted for a reverse stamping. While I still don't excel at this technique, I think I finally getting better. My base are two coats of Essence Wild White Ways, for the stamping I used black Born Pretty Store stamping polish, Colors by Llarowe As Rome Burned and aEngland Dragon. I fixed the stamping with one coa...

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  • Wild in Vegas
    Wild in Vegas

    Another indie polish for today. My base are three coats of Girly Bits What Happens In Vegas... Ends Up On Facebook, a mauve linear holo with some larger silver holo glitters and golden reflexes.For the stamping, I used Color Club Wild At Heart, a dark purple holo, and Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L024. I fixed the stamping with one coat of Bundle Monster Smudge Free Top Coat and added on...

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  • Funky Skyfall
    Funky Skyfall

    Happy Easter (some days late)! I hope you found all your eggs, chocolate bunnies and whatever was hidden ;-)For today's mani, I started with three coats of OPI Skyfall (James Bond Edition), a dark cherry red creme. The glitter topper is Essence Not Punky Nor Funky (Get Loud Limited Edition), a clear base filled with black, gold holographic and pink hexes, some gold holo bars and pink microglitt...

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  • Bulletproof Symphony
    Bulletproof Symphony

     Bulletproof Symphony is the name of today's polish.This is a quite interesting polish. From a distance, it looks quite subtle, almmost a little boring. But there's so much going on, as you can see in the macro shot. It has a sheer purple base and is filled with myriads of gunmetal flakies and silver holo sparkles. On the nail, it looks more taupe than purple or grey. The base is too sheer to ...

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  • Aqua Bubbles
    Aqua Bubbles

    After the somewhat dark and gloomy mani on monday, some more vivid colors for today.I started with three coats of Girly Bits Get Weaponized, a vivid aqua/turquoise holo with tiny purple glitters in it. Since the base reminded me of a tropical ocean, I added some bubbles using aEngland Tristam and MoYou London Sailor Collection plate 18. As usual, I added one coat of Bundle Monster Smudge Free T...

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  • Rhodium Suit
    Rhodium Suit

    Some grey and silver for today.As base I used three coats of Catrice So Suit! (FeMALE Limited Edition), a dark grey polish that dries to a semi-matte finish (ok, the matte finish is not visible, but worn alone without topcoat it's there). My glitter topper is Emily de Molly Rhodium, a clear base with lots of silver holo glitters in various sizes, mostltly hexes but also some squares. I used a g...

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  • When Colours Collide: Blue
    When Colours Collide: Blue

    The latest round of When Colours Collide ended over a week ago, but I have to admit, I was just too lazy to edit all the pictures in time... But now I'm ready, here's my all blue mani.I went for a splatter mani, a really fun technique, but it's important to protect yourself and your environment with this one. So use tape, cuticle protection and a silicone mat (or an old newspaper) if you don't ...

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  • BFF's Flowers
    BFF's Flowers

    Spring is here, it's time for some flowers.I started with three coats od ILNP BFF's,a vivid purple scattered holo.For the stamping I used aEngland Encore Margot and MoYou London Mix & Match Collection plate 10. I fixed the stamping with one coat of Bundle Monster Smudge Free Top Coat and added some KBShimmer Clearly On Top for extra shine. ILNP polishes are available on Etsy, Hypnotic Po...

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  • Envy of Success
    Envy of Success

    St. Patrick's Day is over, but it's never too late for green manis, right?My base is three coats of Zoya Envy, a very dark green jelly. On top of Envy, I dabbed one coat of ILNP Success, a clear based flakie topper, shifting from various shades of green to pink. The pink hues are very camera shy, but I can definitely confirm they're clearly visible irl. One coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top gave...

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  • Aqua Violet Margot
    Aqua Violet Margot

    After a very warm weekend, the temperatures have dropped again here in Switzerland. So my icy blue and silver combo fits the weather nicely (ok, a murky grey would fit even better, honestly...)As base I used three coats of Models Own Aqua Violet.The name is very accurate, this polish is indeed a multichrome shimmer shifting from aqua over blue to violet/purple.For the stamping I used aEngland E...

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  • 381 Gold
    381 Gold

    Another green look for this week, but a pretty different kind of green.My base is a Girly Bits polish from a test batch. It has no name, just a number, 381. It's a murky olive green with gold shimmer and some tiny holo sparkles. I used three coats for opacity.For the stamping I used Barry M. Gold Foil and ÜberChic plate 15-01. I fixed the stamping with one coat of Bundle Monster Smudge Free To...

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  • Cherish the Tree
    Cherish the Tree

    How about some color to start the week?I used two coats of Colors By Llarowe Oh Christmas Tree (yes, I know, I'm about two months late with that one), a dark green linear holo. It looks teal in my pictures, charcoal grey in the bottle but green on my nails irl. A quite interesting color.For the stamping, I used China Glaze Cherish and ÜberChic plate 24-01. I secured the stamping with one coat ...

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