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  • Where I was. Where I am. Where I will be.
    Where I was. Where I am. Where I will be.

    Hey. This blog has been a little dead lately, so I am pretty sure that 80% of the people who clicked on this post know me, in a way or the other. You were, still are or just stepped into my life recently. Since a fraction of my life is out on display in the…

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  • Baloise Session: a winter festival retrospective
    Baloise Session: a winter festival retrospective

    Season changes often mean a lot of things. First of all, we can free ourselves from some fabric layers, but as well the suspence rises high while awaiting one of spring’s best parts: festival line ups releases. While last summer was pretty disappointing in this matter, my favourite winter festival visit at Baloise Session was…

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  • Lagos – Wildchild.
    Lagos – Wildchild.

    I am a Portugal fan. It started by getting there on a solo trip by accident, not really knowing what to expect, besides lovely towns full of tiles and the wild Atlantic roaring in my face. From day one, I was dragged into this beautiful country filled with beautiful sights and very diverse regions that…

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  • Disconnect to Reconnect: the Learnings (part 2/2)
    Disconnect to Reconnect: the Learnings (part 2/2)

    I already ranted about our online culture and how we are sometimes getting further away from real connections, to others and our own core. I told you about the opportunity I had to live at the Offline House, away from what I know, between strangers and pine trees. Now it’s time to let you know…

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  • My 7 Tips for Solo (Female) Travel
    My 7 Tips for Solo (Female) Travel

    Getting out in the world can be challenging. And even if there’s a lot of people doing so, I encounter the statement “I could never travel alone” quite often, when I tell people I am about to do so. My answer to that usually is “But did you ever try?”. It still seems to hold…

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  • The best vegan spaghetti carbonara you’ll ever eat
    The best vegan spaghetti carbonara you’ll ever eat

    Let’s start by making a statement: I am Italian, and there is nothing I love more than a good old plate of pasta. This was probably one of the very few meaty dishes I enjoyed in the past, probably because of the explosion of different tastes of this savoury dish. I’ve seen this traditional recipe…

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  • Koh Phangan: Tribe.
    Koh Phangan: Tribe.

    If you’re here to read about buckets and full moon parties, you might be disappointed. This is a little love story between me and Koh Phangan. When talking back home about my upcoming stay in Thailand, I got the reccomandation to get to Koh Phangan a lot. This came mainly from people hitting the island…

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  • Vegan Shakshuka
    Vegan Shakshuka

    One of the things I always look forward to when I travel is to taste new things and learn more new recipes. Last week, one of my dreams came true, I visited Israel and was overwhelmed about all the tasty hummus I was able to try everywhere and by eating Shakshuka for the first time…

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  • The Holistic Badass (…what?!)
    The Holistic Badass (…what?!)

    This blog was born almost four years ago, and if you follow it since the very beginning, you could tell that there has been a little change on my website. I thought many times about opening a new website for this matter, but I decided that a separate chapter on the same blog would have…

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  • The Dangers of Koh Tao
    The Dangers of Koh Tao

    I’ve been roaming around Thailand clueless by choice, by only planning one week ahead. So when I decided to leave my beloved Koh Phangan, I came across a few little worries overlaying the beautiful pictures I had seen of this island. “Enjoy your time in Koh Tao, but be careful and mind your business”, was…

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  • The Interview – Arthur Moore: About Goa and beyond.
    The Interview – Arthur Moore: About Goa and beyond.

    If you don’t know Arthur Moore you should probably go on Youtube and binge watch all of his videos, because I see the guy going viral at some point. I had the pleasure to interview this great filmmaker, who gives to us viewers an insight on his travels, but from a totally different perspective than…

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  • Ischia: Wild Thing.
    Ischia: Wild Thing.

    Admitted: my week spent in Italy didn’t start great, but it didn’t really stop me on trying to enjoy my stay there to the fullest. Because things happen sometimes and the best thing possible is to take it how they are. So if you’re might seeking a little island getaway for this early fall, I…

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  • Odesza – Esoteric. Electronic.
    Odesza – Esoteric. Electronic.

    I belong to those people who usually is quite up to date about artists in general. I mean, I have soundcloud on on a daily basis and discovering new music is like grabbing my daily coffee to go for me. Well, sometimes I apparently miss out, I guess nobody’s perfect. In case you belong to…

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  • Lisbon Streetart
    Lisbon Streetart

    While preparing for my first trip ever to Portugal, I was roaming through a few infos about Lisbon, and quickly stumbled across the fact that this city may have one of the highest density in streetart all over Europe. Another bonus point was figuring out that the hostel where I was staying offered a streetart…

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  • Alfama: the Heart of Lisbon
    Alfama: the Heart of Lisbon

    When I plan a trip all by myself, I usually start with a city. Obviously for practical reasons as well, trying to settle first after having seen just airports and airplanes, but also because I like to take some baby steps first in a new country. Being lost without the feeling of losing it completely…

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  • Sleep well, Party Lion.
    Sleep well, Party Lion.

    I play tourist here in my home country Switzerland quite often, it usually lead me to some breathtaking mountain sceneries and I took refreshing dips in different lakes, but I never thought about to be more centered into my base that is Zurich. You know how it is, you know your city, it’s mostly great,…

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  • S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino: Culinary Joys
    S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino: Culinary Joys

    Ciao belli! I know this has been a strict travel and festival blog for quite some years now, so with time passing, I felt the urge to spice up the things a little. If you’re following me on my Instagram account, you’d might know that besides putting on my dirty festival boots and almost mutating…

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  • Glastonbury of the Alps
    Glastonbury of the Alps

    During my 10+ years spent in and out of Switzerland at different festivals and music venues, I think I got a pretty decent overview, especially when it comes to Europe. I don’t know it all, I still have a ton of events on my bucket list, but I’ve certainly encountered some interesting settings along the…

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