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Baloise Session 2016 – Parov Stelar (AT) / Culture Club (UK): Back to the Future

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Fall means a lot of things: change of temperature, grey days and layering of clothes. A big Yikes! for me. But fall also means that the hippie dances at festivals are replaced with indoor locations. Some of them are simple, others outstanding. Last week I was part of one of the most beautiful indoor festival settings I’ve seen so far. Baloise Session has me two times this year and let collide two different generations. But we all danced together in the end. The power of music. So kitsch but so true at the same time.

Opening the night between candle lighted tables was the guy who invented the most influencial kind of dance music of the decade. And no, I’m not talking about EDM – that might be the worst invention ever. Parov Stelar, an Austrian DJ, mixed Jazz, Electronica and 50s...

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Tags:  Baloise Session, Concerts, Festivals, Music, 80s, Basel, Boy George, Cleo Panther, Culture Club, Disco, Electroswing, Parov Stelar, Switzerland


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