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Where I was. Where I am. Where I will be.

Where I was. Where I am. Where I will be.

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This blog has been a little dead lately, so I am pretty sure that 80% of the people who clicked on this post know me, in a way or the other. You were, still are or just stepped into my life recently. Since a fraction of my life is out on display in the wild wild web, it’s kind of obvious that a life update might spark up some curiosity. Fun fact is that I am not even doing it for you reading it. For the most part it’s for me.

I’ve always been great into putting things into words that were spinning in my head and driving me crazy. This time is no different. I want to have things summarized here, in order to come back to it some day. And I feel this is an act for me to let go of some dusty remainings that sometimes still pop up in my head, because I am human.


It was never my...

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