Climb to the Stars

  • Bad Cat Photos (And Links. Non-Cat Links.) [en]
    Bad Cat Photos (And Links. Non-Cat Links.) [en]

    [fr] Des liens. Surtout. [en] I still haven’t found the magic solution to grab interesting links on-the-fly and collect them for a future blog post. I easily share to facebook, G+ and Twitter from any device. Anything shared on Twitter ends up in delicious, and so does everything shared to facebook (albeit privately). I stuff things…

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  • Back On The Heat Wave [en]
    Back On The Heat Wave [en]

    [fr] L'oeil qui voyait trouble? Pas un coup de soleil, mais un mini corps étranger métallique. Oui, ouille. J'en ai monstre marre de voir flou de mon oeil dominant, juste là. [en] It was much cooler up in the mountains. Here I am in Lausanne, with another heat wave hitting us. Or the same. I…

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  • Fuzzy Vision [en]
    Fuzzy Vision [en]

    [fr] Encore du vrac! [en] Watch, if you haven’t watched it yet, the video on managing unconscious bias at Facebook. And, just because I thought of it right now this second, this documentary on Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens. He tells a very moving story of his religious journey, from the…

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  • A Patchwork Post From The Chalet [en]
    A Patchwork Post From The Chalet [en]

    [fr] Plein de choses en vrac. Y'a des liens qui mènent vers des trucs en français. [en] I keep falling into this trap. I don’t blog about something because there is something else, more important, that I should blog about before and haven’t got around to writing. In this case, it’s the fact that just…

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  • A Post About Many Things [en]

    [fr] Des choses en vrac! [en] It happened again. As time goes by and things to say pile up, the pile weighs heavy on my fingers and blog posts don’t get written. Been there, done that, will happen again. First, a heartfelt thanks to all the people who reacted to my post about being single…

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  • The Right to Grieve — And That Means Being Sad [en]

    [fr] Avez-vous remarqué comme personne ne veut qu'on soit triste? La tristesse est néanmoins une émotion nécessaire, celle qui nous permet d'accepter une perte, d'en faire le deuil, et de pouvoir continuer à avancer à travers et au-delà de la peine. [en] Have you noticed how nobody wants you to be sad? Tell people around…

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  • Coming Out as Single and Childless [en]

    [fr] Quarante ans, célibataire, sans enfants. Un deuil à faire, et une porte à ouvrir pour en parler. [en] I turned 40 last summer, and it hasn’t been easy. To be honest, I kind of expected it to be rough: my mother died when she was 40, 30 years ago, and in my mind 40…

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  • Disconnection [en]

    [fr] Certaines formes d'écriture ne peuvent plus se faire déconnectée, pour moi. [en] I’m at my chalet. Cats are curled up on the bed and I have a nice cup of tea ready. There is no wifi here. Cellphone reception is extremely patchy — and cellular data, when it works, is excruciatingly slow and unreliable.…

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