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Establishing a Bogleheads three-fund portfolio as a Swiss investor

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We used to have a short-term view of our investments with securities focused only on Switzerland, hedged for some. There was reasoning behind it, but I was waiting for the moment we could invest like true Mustachians. We are now ready to get back into the stock market game. For real. For the long run.

Last month, I successfully chose my cheap online-broker, the first step of investing the Mustachian way.
This month, my challenge is to build a well diversified ETF portfolio with the lowest fees and taxes possible, the second step of investing the Mustachian way.

Which portfolio strategy for a Mustachian?

I think I already talked about the buy-and-hold strategy on this blog, but I will repeat it to be sure it's been heard. You are not smarter than anyone, neither am I. We can't beat...

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