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Dermatory Azulene gauze pads and gel cream

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Hi hi, another K-beauty review on nailderella :D
I got this summer a few products from Dermatory and wanted to share my thoughts about them as I find them quite interesting!
I first saw the brand last spring and it immediately piqued my interest. I like the aesthetics of the brand, it has a vintage pharmacy look which appeals to me.

Dermatory is a Korean brand that belongs to Club Clio (Clio, Peripera, etc). They have 2 main lines: the Allantoin moisturizing line and the Azulene Cica line (soothing).
They mainly focus on soothing and hypoallergenic products and position themself as a brand for sensitive skin. They also advertise they products as being 20 free (talc, sulfate, surfactant, synthetic fragrance, parabens, ..., the whole list is here).



Azulene Hypoallergenic Cica Rescue Gauze...
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