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JJOYY Ice Centella Beauty Pads & Fermented Honey Bubble Peeling Pads

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Hi there,
I reviewed some time ago some jumbo soothing pads from the brand JJOYY as well as their multipack of sheet masks and today I have the part 2 of the review. It includes the 2 other jumbo jars containing pads, namely the  Ice Centella Beauty Pads & Fermented Honey Bubble Peeling Pads.
I've already discussed about the brand HERE but quickly, JJOYY is a subbrand of WishFormula and they're known for their jumbo size pads that you can use on your face and body.


Fermented Honey Bubble Peeling Pads
What are they? 15 peeling pads soaked in 300mL of essence. They claim to exfoliate the skin without any irritation. They contain AHAs, fermented honey, vitamin C and plant fermentation extracts to make skni clear and radiant.
How they look/feel/smell? The pads are big...
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