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Makeup │ Ice Pink and Berry Look for the Sign of Leo [Zodiac Makeup Challenge]

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Happy Monday, sweeties!
We are enjoying our second vacation week by the sea! I'm sorry I haven't been around much answering your messages and comments, but I didn't have a good internet connection until now. The first week of vacation flew by. My 3-year-old fell and got injured in her face, compromising her front teeth, which risk to fall off. We were really scared, because at the moment of her fall she bleeded soooo much! If you are a mom or a dad you might understand what it means to see your toddler's face covered in so much blood you're actually not able to spot where the blood comes from! We took her to the nearest ER and she was in pain for a while and of course, we were worried for her. But the doctor says it was going to be ok soon and she was already in a good mood when we...
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Tags:  Berry, BH Cosmetics, Challenge, EOTD, Eyeshadow, FOTD, Look book, Makeup, Mauve, Palette, Pink, ZodiacMakeupChallenge


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