• Find Co-Founders and Kick-Start Your Startup Project
    Find Co-Founders and Kick-Start Your Startup Project

    We are in 2020 and startups have never been so trendy in the past 15-20 years in Switzerland. Despite the fact that concepts like lean startup, value proposition canvas and business model canvas are anything but new – at least for people working in startup environments, many people who have an idea do not know how to start. I’m facing this problem quite often with my own digital agency, when people come to me with a wonderful project idea, but often no clue on what they should do. Of course,

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  • Bringing Back Trust in Tech

    With all scandals damaging trust in digital platforms (like the Cambridge Analytica case) in the recent years, there are more and more efforts invested in “making the internet safe again”. There is big trend emerging in Lausanne region, where worldwide famous tech school EPFL is located. This school, canton of Vaud and some other worldwide leading companies based in the region launched a Center for Digital Trust end of 2018. Part of this program is the Tech4Trust startup acceleration program,

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  • This Was SeedStars Summit 19. And its 77 Startups!
    This Was SeedStars Summit 19. And its 77 Startups!

    Early April, the SeedStars Summit took place at Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend it in person. Luckily, a tech and startup enthusiast of my network, Elliot Morisod, was able to jump in and report it here… So thank you Elliot for sharing your experience participating to SeedStars Summit! You can discover the complete list of SeedStars Summit Startups here. Seedstars is a Swiss-based group with a mission to impact people’s lives in emerging marke

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  • The 77 Startups of SeedStars Summit 2019
    The 77 Startups of SeedStars Summit 2019

    Discover the 77 startups who were selected for SeedStars Summit. AgriTech We suggest investing not just in the basic need – in food. We suggest investing in health. Let’s make our future healthy & Organic together ! CEE, Ukraine BandimOnline To reduce the loss of products from the producer to the customer, BandimOnline has been created to provide products on time with best prices. Africa, Guinea-Bissau Panal Fresh Connecting farmers and suppliers to markets and customers us

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  • The 10 Health and InsurTech Startups of InnoPeaks 1.0
    The 10 Health and InsurTech Startups of InnoPeaks 1.0

    For the second time in the week, I’ve been attending startup pitches… which did not happen for me for a very, very long time, as you may have noticed ;-)! Friday 15th of March was the day selected by InnoPeaks to present its first batch of health tech an insurtech startups, in Sion. Powered by the insurance company Groupe Mutuel and Fusion, this 3 months program intents to accelerate startups from wonderful canton of Valais. It remembered me the initial days of Fusion, where I acted as Progra

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  • What You Face as a Woman in Business Today
    What You Face as a Woman in Business Today

    Some months ago, I’ve had an interesting discussion with fellow entrepreneurs about the #MeToo movement and what you can potentially face as a woman in business. We were there to coach wannabe entrepreneurs and we had genders equally represented. As naive as men can be (…), we were discussing if all the sh*tty situations making the  headlines may not be the behaviour of just a few horrible guys. Our female coaching mates around the table told us that this kind of things happens on an almost d

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  • Discover the Startups of La Forge, at EPFL Innovation Park
    Discover the Startups of La Forge, at EPFL Innovation Park

    EPFL Innovation Park is organising for the 9th time the Demo Day of La Forge on June 21st, from 14:00. The startup entrepreneurs of this co-working place located right at the heart of EPFL Innovation Park will be pitching their startup and demonstrating their product at their booth. La Forge Demo Day is a unique opportunity to meet these early-stage startups and… challenge their founders? The Demo Day will also coincide with the closing of La Forge’s first acceleration batch focused on MedTec

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  • Office Hours – UX, Development and Digital Marketing advice
    Office Hours – UX, Development and Digital Marketing advice

    Coteries SA, a design, development and digital marketing agency based at Building D of EPFL Innovation Park, is organising a third edition of its Office Hours, welcoming anyone who has questions or wants some advice about a specific topics like: UX Design, Website: book Sébastien von Roth Web or Mobile Development, Machine Learning: book Livio Gamassia or Florian Laurent Digital Marketing (but also Sales, Bootstrapping, Funding, Recruiting, etc.): book Sébastien Flury You can book one of Cote

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  • Win a Free Ticket to Fintech 2018 & Swiss Fintech Awards Night
    Win a Free Ticket to Fintech 2018 & Swiss Fintech Awards Night

    Swiss startup ecosystem is more and more dynamic. And especially in the Fintech and crypto/blockchain areas. By now, you probably have heard of the “Crypto Valley”, regarding the region of Zug! Next week, on Thursday 15th of May, a major Fintech conference is happening in Zürich: Fintech 2018. Many C-level people from the biggest Swiss financial institutions will be there, and this is a great opportunity to network! Startupolic is partnering with the Fintech 2018 conference to offer ONE free

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  • Our Interview @ Y Combinator – Guest Post by Ledgy
    Our Interview @ Y Combinator – Guest Post by Ledgy

    This is a Guest post by Yoko Spirig, originally published here. Yoko is one of the 3 co-founders of the Zürich-based startup Ledgy, created during Summer 2017. In this blog post, she describes their experience of being selected for an interview at the Y Combinator headquarters in Mountain View, California. And why she thinks it’s important for Switzerland that more Swiss startups apply to YC. Do you know how many Swiss startups have ever been funded by YC? 0, Null, Nada — and this needs to ch

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  • Being An Entrepreneur: What They Don’t Tell You!
    Being An Entrepreneur: What They Don’t Tell You!

      This is a Guest post by Dan Bowyer, originally published here. I couldn’t keep nodding as I’ve read this piece so I asked him the permission to reshare it here. Dan is a Tech Entrepreneur & Investor based in London. He has over 20 years experience helping people build businesses and implement digital. He enjoyed some spectacular failures and some delightful successes, while working with 300 or so businesses over the past 20 years. He has recently owned, managed or been a shareholder in

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  • Starting up @La Forge – Discover the Startups!
    Starting up @La Forge – Discover the Startups!

    The EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute for Technology) is one of the best engineering school in the world. In the last 10 years, I’ve been seing the massive change happening on the entrepreneurial/startup ecosystem there. The EPFL Innovation Park (initially known as the Parc Scientifique, rebranded back in 2010 or so) has expanded massively, from 3 buildings to 10… The entrepreneurial and events activity has also increased massively. For me, EPFL Innovation Park is the uncontested heart of the tec

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  • The 50 Best-Funded Startups in Switzerland in One Map (and What It Means For The Startup Ecosystem)
    The 50 Best-Funded Startups in Switzerland in One Map (and What It Means For The Startup Ecosystem)

    Back in 2012 as I’ve launched, I remember that almost nobody was blogging on the Swiss startup scene. Or most were abandoning the effort after a few posts. Fortunately, this has changed! Today I’m pleased to publish a guest post by Tatjana de Kerros-Budkov, who is currently the Startup Builder at Ricolab Innovation Lab (Ricola), Mentor, and 2x entrepreneur- with one exit under her belt- and has helped startups raise over $10M in the last 12 months. Previously, she was an entre

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  • Should You Write a Business Plan?

    Writing a business plan at the time of the lean startup sounds like a weird idea. No? Many people think that writing a business plan is no more needed. Which is true and… wrong, at the same time! Writing a complete business plan per se is not needed, especially if you: just have an idea; have not done your homework with the Value Proposition Canvas and the Business Model Canvas; are dreaming your project instead of starting it (yeah, there are many wannabe entrepreneurs around there)! have no

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  • 16 tourism startups to discover at World Tourism Forum 17

    Each year beginning of May, more than 500 CEOs, Ministers and investors from the tourism industry meet in Luzern for the World Tourism Forum. The Forum aims in gathering global leaders of the travel, tourism and hospitality industries to learn about the new development and brainstorm on how to adapt to the changes happening. And to meet startups ! This year, World Tourism Forum is organizing a Startup Innovation Camp (coaching day with presentation to the jury) the day before the forum. Among

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  • Why Your Daughter Probably Won’t Be a Startup Founder in Switzerland
    Why Your Daughter Probably Won’t Be a Startup Founder in Switzerland

    This is a guest post by Lea von Bidder, co-founder and President of Ava Science, a Swiss startup based in Switzerland and California.  Lea published this post originally  on her Linkedin profile on Thursday 8th of March, the Women Day, and I thought this kind of excellent content should be spread as widely as possible… Do not hesitate to comment and to contribute with your opinion or ideas on how to change the problem Lea is describing! As a female founder from Switzerland I am constantly pro

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  • 5 Years of Blogging
    5 Years of Blogging

    January 2012. January 2017. just turned 5 years old. It’s incredible how fast time is running out ! It’s time for celebration 😉 ! Why I started blogging In one of my previous life, I used to be a startup coach and business developer for a technology park, lost in Northwestern Switzerland (in canton of Jura). My mission was to discover promising startups and try to attract them there, with a local economic development mission: bring and create high qualified jobs there.

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  • Pitch Me If You Can! Startupolic Office Hours Are Back
    Pitch Me If You Can! Startupolic Office Hours Are Back

    As a reader of, you probably know that I’m a big fan of the pay it forward culture. Or said differently, give before you get. Last year, I did a first experiment by giving 30min to any founder (no selection here) who wanted to pitch me her project, or simply ask me some questions about starting up, about lean startup or about how to build a (digital) product. I’ve simply tried it for fun. And it was! It went beyond my expectations, as I was fully booked, even had to add extra

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  • Hack the Local Shops on 19th of November

    Switzerland is more and more active with startup activities. You often hear that the startup scene is nothing compared to renowned European hubs like Berlin or London. Yes, it’s true, at least in term of startups funded, of startups growing  quickly or in terms of successful exits. However, there are a lot things happening, and many new initiatives are popping up almost every week (making it harder and harder for everyone new on the scene not to get lost in the wide panel of activities). For

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  • My Startup Events Selection for October

    This year has been completely crazy so far. And even more since August, as we’ve organized 2 Demo Days @Fintech FUSION and are preparing us intensively for the new batch of startups, entering the acceleration program on Wednesday (more information to come on FUSION blog). As I’m used to say, I’m in a “Grand Bleu” mode (that means, “Deep Dive holding my Breath”). That is, that I have not enough time to do all what I’d like to (like blogging ways more!). But do not worry, I have plenty of blog

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