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  • How about registering baby?

    Send the following to the Embassy for Registration:     i) Both parents' ORIGINAL marriage certificates    ii) Both parents' ORIGINAL birth certificates    iii) Both parents' copy of passport    iv) Both parents' copy of IC    v) A self-addressed envelope with CHF 5.50 stamp (make sure it's for registered letter)    vi) Admin fee of CHF 20 (for the two documents)Be present at ...

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  • A Swiss neighbourly notice
    A Swiss neighbourly notice

    This notice in the hallway at the entrance my apartment building from last week is asking everyone to be more careful and considerate when leaving their windows partially opened (usually for airing purposes) at night as pre-storm wind can create significant difference between indoor and outdoor air pressure causing windows to tend to slam on to their frames; and I have to agree the sound can be...

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  • List of Malaysians restaurants (or close enough) in Switzerland
    List of Malaysians restaurants (or close enough) in Switzerland

    To say that Switzerland lacks Asian eateries, what more Malaysian, is not quite true anymore. But, certainly one can't compare to London.  When I moved here in mid 2006, I learned there had not been any Asian restaurants and takeaways in the area where I work/live (a small city about 27th km of west of Zurich) a couple of years prior to that. Since then there have at least five; could have be...

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  • Waste handling and recycling in Switzerland
    Waste handling and recycling in Switzerland

    The Swiss are highly discipline when it comes to recycling and you will not NOT find any recycling collection points in every housing area and Gemeinde (municipality equivalent). For glass bottles and cooking + motor oils, they are usually found near local shopping centres and as for plastic bottles (two categories: 1- those used for soft drinks; 2- milk bottles) they are always located inside ...

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  • Swiss-style 24-hour fresh farm produce vending machine
    Swiss-style 24-hour fresh farm produce vending machine

    I was taking a quick spin through the nearby village with my daughter when we stumbled across this vending machine selling fresh vegetables, fruits and eggs. It was the first time that I saw a vending machines used to sell farm produce. Looking at the prices, they are a wee bit above those found in the supermarkets downtown, but I guess not so bad if one needs any of these items urgently and it...

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  • A zoo that I don't hate
    A zoo that I don't hate

    I hate zoos. I find them to be simply a waste of time to visit. Perhaps it's an adult thing. But, I'm sure kids and adults alike who have visited the Knies Kinderzoo (kids zoo) (www.knieskinderzoo.ch/) will only have good stories to tell.The Knies Kinderzoo is located near the old city of Rapperswill, about an hour drive from Zurich. What's interesting about this zoo is that you get the chance ...

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  • How can you not fall in love with this place

    This is Brunni in Engelberg, in the central region of Switzerland - those who know a little a bit about the country, it's somewhere close to Luzern or Lucerne. Click on the photo to expand the size, and tell me if you don't fall in love with the view.It's absolutely and miraculously a gorgeous place. I can sit there looking at that view for hours.

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  • Jom meet up! 2011
    Jom meet up! 2011

    Through some adhoc suggestions and ideas on Facebook turned into a big picnic in Zurich (www.parkimgruene.ch). 

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  • Vergütung der Reisekosten in der IV
    Vergütung der Reisekosten in der IV

     Translated ... "Reimbursement of travel expenses in the IV"I just learned that all the travel expenses that I incurred during the period of Lyris stay in hospital after birth are all reimbursable. What I spent wasnt so much, probably around 200CHF (it aint cheap to park at Unispital Zurich, plus fuel), but It would have been nice if I knew it earlier. A missed opportunity ..

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  • What to see, where to go?
    What to see, where to go?

    A friend dropped me an email asking for any pointers as to what she should visit in Switzerland when she comes for a vacation in December. I owe her an apology for the late reply - this is it :)The problem with December is that if it's the kind of winter we got last, then the best thing to do is really to sit in the warmth of your own living room and enjoy some great movies. Unless you enjoy ex...

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  • Where to find halal meat?
    Where to find halal meat?

    Aksa Halal Supermarket in Tiengen, Germany / Address: Hauptstr. 9079761 Waldshut-TiengenFor Muslim readers, halal butchers are not as common as in the UK or Australia. The fact that animal slaughtering is forbidden by law makes it not possible to source the meat from local farms. This is not to say that it is extremely challenging to get any halal meat. Given the small size of the country, the ...

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  • Need to renew your Malaysian passport in Switzerland ?? Here is the answer
    Need to renew your Malaysian passport in Switzerland ?? Here is the answer

    Hello The One,Thank you for your email.You have 2 possibilities of having your passport renewed, you come to the Embassy and fill up the application form (signed and thumbprinted), attach 2 passport size pictures with navy blue background (3.5 x 5 cm), bring your current passport and Malaysian IC, as well as your Swiss Permit. Additionally you have to bring the copy of the payment from you...

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  • Zurich Street Parade
    Zurich Street Parade

    Once a year in August Zurich city hosts one of the most famous street parade in Europe (if not the world), the Zurich Street Parade.More photos on Flickr page.

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  • Do I need a car?

    The answer is no, not really. Unless you have a family of 5 or live in some extremely remote area, it's a necessity to have a car in Switzerland. It's been close to one year since we first arrived here, and we've been depending on public transport all this while. The reliability and efficiency of the system is superb. I don't know any other countries that come close to Switzerland, perhaps...

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  • Blue Bag vs Black Bag
    Blue Bag vs Black Bag

    You "idiot Auslander"! That's most likely what the locals would say when they see any black garbage bags in the garbage bin. At one point, I was probably labeled the same when we first moved to our apartment in a village near Baden, called Nussbaumen (an area a Swiss colleague once referred to as the "Auslander ghetto"; I wasn't quite sure if he was joking ... thinking about it again now, I thi...

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  • English Photography Lesson in Zurich
    English Photography Lesson in Zurich

    You are into photography and unable to find classes in English? Fret not, check out the ViewFinder Centre for Photography in Zurich. The centre is run by an award winning photographer, Bryon Paul McCartney and his wife, both American. Those who want a taste of superb "fine art photography", check out his flickr page.There is a lot more information on the ViewFinder web site. These days he's sta...

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