The Family of 5 - Switzerland

  • Happyland Parc d'attraction |Granges Sierre (VS)
    Happyland Parc d'attraction |Granges Sierre (VS)

    We enjoyed 25'000m2 of trains, rides, toboggans, bumper cars and other attractions in the largest park in French-speaking Switzerland. During our holiday in Valais over the summer, we realised that we were really close to Happy Land. We were determined to do plenty of things that the children would enjoy during this mini break so we took them there as a surprise. The parking is a bit chaotic al...

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  • CabriO Stanserhorn | Stans (NW)
    CabriO Stanserhorn | Stans (NW)

    We couldn't resist trying the world's first open-topped, double-decker aerial cableway which is the CabriO.  The most beautiful panoramic 360° view at the top with the wind in your face...a fantastic experience! We received our tickets for the Cabrio a little while ago and had been saving them for our holiday week. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s an OPEN-TOPPED télécabine that ta...

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  • FIFA World Football Museum (ZH)
    FIFA World Football Museum (ZH)

    While we were in Zurich we decided to visit the FIFA museum. Jean couldn't pass up the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history and development of international football. Guess what? All the family loved it! I must admit that I wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about this visit but I was really pleasantly surprised. Since it’s in the centre of town there is no allocated parking but it...

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  • Treetop path Neckertal | Mogelsberg (SG)
    Treetop path Neckertal | Mogelsberg (SG)

    We have experienced the first treetop path in Switzerland! This is a unique nature experience where you can be at eye level with the flora and fauna. We first contacted the Treetop walk in Neckertal last year to ask if they might be interested in being featured on our blog and we’ve been looking for a time to visit ever since. As part of our little summer road trip, we decided to stop off the...

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  • Sentier des marmottes | Vercorin (VS)
    Sentier des marmottes | Vercorin (VS)

    We spent few days in a wonderful holiday resort in Valais. We tried the Sentier des Marmottes hikes and were astounded by the view! After a nice lunch we decided to take advantage of the first sunny weather we had seen since we arrived in Valais and took the télécabine up to Crêt-du-midi (2'230 meters). It’s absolutely stunning up there with a restaurant and play area for the children. The...

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  • We are postcard addicts!
    We are postcard addicts!

    How often do you post a letter or a card? Discover the first blog post in our new category "Lifestyle"! In my family, we’ve always been big corresponders, ranging from little notes left in school bags and lunchboxes, to unexpected deliveries in the post. The run up to birthdays always sees a gradually building pile of cards arriving through the letterbox, and everything from a new house to a ...

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  • A weekend in the Principality of Liechtenstein
    A weekend in the Principality of Liechtenstein

    Last weekend we were invited to discover Liechtenstein. We loved it for so many reasons! Since we have never visited Liechtenstein we were really excited to be working with the Office of Tourism who planned our amazing trip, and even more so when we received the itinerary! On the day we arrived, we were lucky to have beautiful warm, sunny weather and we easily navigated our way to one of the ma...

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  • Schwarzsee Black Lake (FR)
    Schwarzsee Black Lake (FR)

    We went to Schwarzsee to try to solve the mystery of the black lake! On Sunday we decided to visit Schwarzsee in the canton of Fribourg which has been on our bucket list for a while. Schwarzsee is translated as “black lake” and it’s somewhere I have often seen photographed so we were really looking forward to seeing it for ourselves. It was already warm when we woke up so we set off in s...

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  • Paléo Festival Nyon 2019  (VD)
    Paléo Festival Nyon 2019 (VD)

    Have you ever taken your children to Paléo? We tried for the first time yesterday and it was brilliant!! One of my favourite memories of Switzerland was my first time at Paléo. Jean and I had been dating for about 8 months and he persuaded me we should go together. It rained a lot (which I loved), we drank a bit too much beer and ended up in a very expensive taxi at the of the night - it was ...

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  • Hammetschwand Lift - Bürgenstock Resort (LU-NW)
    Hammetschwand Lift - Bürgenstock Resort (LU-NW)

    We tried the Hammetschwand Lift, at 1,132 meters, which is the highest outdoor lift in Europe! We had a bit of a tough night as the hotel was noisy and Elio had no wish to sleep so we woke up the next day feeling a bit foggy. We perked up a bit after a good breakfast and we set off for the next stop on our itinerary which was Luzern where we parked the car at the train station and headed for ...

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  • Engelberg - Brunni (OW) l En
    Engelberg - Brunni (OW) l En

    We discovered an ideal destination for families, mountaineers and bon vivants who want to spend time being active or just relaxing amidst spectacular mountain scenery. I’ve said it before but one of the main reasons for us starting this blog was to bridge the gap between me being at home with the children all week and desperate to get out at the weekend, and Jean working all week and wanting ...

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  • L'Exploracentre “Fabriq'Expo”(GE) l En
    L'Exploracentre “Fabriq'Expo”(GE) l En

    We were invited to stop by Exploracentre this morning to take a look at their latest exhibition. It’s really great and we all loved it!! The theme is engineering and all the activities are related to the topic, yet really diverse including things like light boxes where the children had to copy a template to cut out and build a little model, games, building exercises and so many opportunities ...

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  • Bisse du Trient - Les Bisses du Valais (VS) l En
    Bisse du Trient - Les Bisses du Valais (VS) l En

    We hiked along one of the famous irrigation channels in Valais called the Bisses. They are the symbols of the Walliser struggle for the control of water at an altitude of 1'500 meters. We planned to explore a bit more of Valais on Sunday and since the weather was warm we decided to try one of the bisses in Valais. "Bisses were born from the peasant class willingness to escape the consequences o...

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  • Gorges du Trient - Trient Ravine (VS) l En
    Gorges du Trient - Trient Ravine (VS) l En

    We explored the narrow, deep and very striking ravine at Trient! We have past the gorges du Trient many times on our way to other places but today we decided to stop and explore. Tickets cost CHF8 for adults and children over the age of 6. You buy tickets directly at the shop Design Floral shop at the start of the gorges. It’s a very quick walk - I think we were in and out in 20minutes includ...

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  • Playball Kids (VD) l En
    Playball Kids (VD) l En

    We discovered a great club for children from age 2 through to age 8 for jumping, throwing, rolling, hitting, catching, kicking, from learning a variety of sports skills, to having fun with mini games of tennis, hockey, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball and much, much more! I’m going through a phase of finding it hard to manage all three children alone in public. Alba runs wild, Jude ...

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  • Llama Trekking in Lugano countryside (TI) | En
    Llama Trekking in Lugano countryside (TI) | En

    We discovered the splendid Malcantone region with Fabrizio, Nikolai (aka Dodo) and Cappuccino. Our excursion with llamas was an unforgettable experience, especially for children. After another great nights sleep we began the day I had been excited about for weeks as it began with llama trekking!! Eeeek!!! Alessandra had organised the excursion with Mr Hanspeter who speaks French, German and Ita...

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  • A weekend in Lugano (TI) l En
    A weekend in Lugano (TI) l En

    Next up in our new series of adventures where we focus on a particular city and things to do while visiting, we planned a tripped to Lugano. Lugano is a city in southern Switzerland in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino bordering Italy. We were really excited to spend this long weekend in Lugano where the tourist office had invited us to explore the wonderful things to do in the area and org...

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  • Swissminiatur Park (TI) | En
    Swissminiatur Park (TI) | En

    We visited the Swissminiatur park which is an open-air museum where you can admire the most important Swiss buildings and means of transportation. We had been speaking by email to Alessandra from Lugano Tourism office for several weeks to organise our trip so it was a real pleasure to meet her in person last Friday. When she suggested we add an extra visit at the end of the day, we didn't hesi...

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  • Maison d'Ailleurs (VD) l En
    Maison d'Ailleurs (VD) l En

    We visited “The Expo Where You Are the Hero” which reflects upon the game in its different forms (board games, miniatures games, role playing games, video games, gamebooks, storytelling). We headed in the direction of Yverdon last week and had a bit of a fail when we arrived at an animal park we had been searching for only to discover that it was pretty small and quickly done. Oh, and halfw...

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  • Subterranean Lake of St-Léonard (VS) | En
    Subterranean Lake of St-Léonard (VS) | En

    We sailed upon Europe's largest subterranean lake! The lake of St-Leonard is located in Switzerland, along the Rhone valley, between Sion and Sierre in the heart of the Swiss Alps. On Sunday we were invited to go to visit the subterranean lake in Saint Leonard in Valais. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s the largest underground lake in Europe and it’s a pretty special place! We set off ...

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