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Shangri-La Hotel – Breakfast over the rooftops of Tokyo

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We knew from the beginning that Shangri-La would be by far the best hotel on our trip to Japan. But what we experience on the 37th floor of their high-rise exceeds our expectations many times over!

The Shangri-La Hotel is centrally located, right next to Tokyo Station (Tokyo Central Station).

In Japan you travel a lot by train, so the hotel offers its guests a meet & greet service. We’re a little surprised about that, because the hotel is located right next to the train station.

But it turns out that it is not so easy to find a certain exit at the Tokyo station. In retrospect, we recommend especially the impatient and disoriented to use the meet & greet service.

Charlotte marvelling the height of the Shangri-La hotel

First at all I have to marvel at the height of the hotel building from the outside. At this point I don’t know which...

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