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  • Viva Frida: Valentines Day

    Viva Frida: Valentines Day 2020 Selection Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. And for the occasion, I would like to introduce you to Viva Frida with this selection of products from their online store. Cet article Viva Frida: Valentines Day est apparu en premier sur Turning Point.

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    Hi 🙂 Today I find you for an update of the blog, which is also somewhat of a blogging status.  Cet article BLOGGING STATUS 2019 est apparu en premier sur Turning Point.

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    PETITES AVENTURES AU VIETNAM Ayant déjà voyagé en Asie (Corée du Sud, Laos, Japon), le mois dernier, on m’a offert la possibilité de faire équipe avec Fly Edelweiss pour aller au Vietnam / HCMV. Cette collaboration a eu lieu parce que la compagnie venait de lancer son nouveau vol direct reliant l’aéroport international de Zurich à Ho Chi Minh Ville. Le 15 novembre, j’ai donc pris le tout premier vol ; jour spécial qui a été célébré à la porte d’embarquement – rouleaux de printemps, bière et a

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    TRAVELING TO HO CHI MINH CITY / VIETNAM Having already traveled in Asia (South Korea, Laos, Japan), last month I was offered the opportunity to partner up with Fly Edelweiss to go to Vietnam/HCMC. This collaboration took place because the company had just launched their new direct flight connecting Zurich International Airport to Ho Chi Minh City. I took the very first plane on November 15th, which called for a theme celebration at the airport – spring rolls, beer, and martial art upon our ey

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    ONE WAY TICKET TO VIETNAM PLEASE! *Cover picture by Fly Edelweiss Good morning my dear! Yes indeed it is 06:55 for me. This early morning, I come bearing good news. I have partnered up with Fly Edelweiss for the welcoming of their new destination in South East Asia, Ho Chi Minh City. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? This means that I be traveling to Vietnam on Thursday to visit HCMC. And its really awesome because it is my first time going this country and the flight with Fly Edelweiss is from Zurich to th

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      I posted a try-on haul on Instagram stories some time ago, in those stories I was trying new pieces of autunm clothe and I asked you if you wanted to have the links to those outfits here on the blog and you answered. So here they are! Along with it, you can benefit of 15% reduction on the shopping website NAKD by using this code: TP15. If you are not following me on Instagram, you should (@turningpoint_sg) because I share bits of my life and of Switzerland weekly. I also want to let you kno

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    WHITE MAXI DRESSES HOW AND WHY I WEAR A MAXI DRESS I would like to reintroduce the simple outfit of the day on the blog. There aren’t a lot to read, hence they don’t ask for much focus. These outfit of the day are simply for the pleasure of your eyes and for inspiration. You can of course also get any similar pieces of what I am wearing because I will be leaving various links for you. Where is that dress from? Today I am wearing a white maxi dress that I have received as a birthday gift durin

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    HERA SEOUL FASHION WEEK S/S 2018 STREETSTYLE on TURNING POINT TV Here it is, the second part of Seoul Fashion Week that takes place twice a year at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in South Korea. Do you remember, last time I posted part 1 which was womenswear here ? You can of course, find this video in my Seoulection playlist, which is a playlist where there will be videos about my chit-chat about Seoul and Korea in general. You can support me by subscribing to my youtube channel Turning Point TV do

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    MYKONOS RESTAURANT A PERSONAL LIST OF RESTAURANTS IN MYKONOS: WHERE THE LOCALS EAT As some of you know, last summer I went on a small holiday adventure in Greece with my sister. To be more precise, it was in Mykonos. While I was there, I decided we should find some local restaurants to try in order to enjoy real Greek food like your typical Mykonos inhabitant. And at the same time, we should take pictures and collect addresses so that I would be able to share our findings on here on Turning P

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    THE DORIA BODRUM HOTEL ONE HOTEL ADDRESS IN BODRUM The Doria is a nice hotel, rooms equipped with sitting areas and balconies with land or garden view. The staff is friendly as well as welcoming. The service (such as massages which are at a reasonable price) and accommodations are good. I have indulged into one of the massages offered by the in-house institute there and it was exquisite. A moment of pure relaxation and bliss; so you should definitely try it, if you get the chance. The best th

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    WEEK 1 That week fast paced and stressful week at university, as we were all focused on finishing our project and present to our client and once that was done, we got all together and celebrated the end of academic year at the premises. Meanwhile, my friends and I were trying to organise our holidays together. We have decided to do with my two best friends a group travel for the first time this summer in Mallorca, so we were adding members to the trip and making bookings. On that same week I

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