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  • Our 2019 out of time Pet Blogger Challenge
    Our 2019 out of time Pet Blogger Challenge

    « For the past eight years, the pet blogging community has joined together virtually for this event. We reflect on the previous year’s accomplishments and share our victories. We also help each other through our challenges, offering ideas and advice to get the new year off on better footing. » Although we are out of time, we […]

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  • Just a question
    Just a question

    Today is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. Here is the one we asked Claire : ZORRO and PIXIE : Why do we publish so little on our blog ? It’s true, you hardly manage to help us for an article and one “wordless ” a week ! CLAIRE : Because I work more than before […]

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  • The blog turns 5! (including teaser of my new projects for 2019)
    The blog turns 5! (including teaser of my new projects for 2019)

    That's it, the blog has just passed the 5-year mark. At the beginning of this adventure, I felt that the end of each year was a new achievement. On the one hand because I'd managed to keep a blog alive 365 more days. And on the other hand, because it meant that I was still on the road towards financial independence. I have a different feeling this year. Of course I'm still surprised to wri...

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    MUST HAVE #luggage #travel #musthave — ISAWSOMETHINGNICE.CH (@leazeitman) January 19, 2019 January 19, 2019 at 07:49AM The post via TWITTER appeared first on I SAW SOMETHING NICE.

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  • via TWITTER

    MY SON'S NEW BEST FRIEND @hoerbert_Winzki #hoerbert HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT'S BEHIND EACH BUTTON AND HE'S ONLY 1! #smartdesign #design #music — ISAWSOMETHINGNICE.CH (@leazeitman) January 13, 2019 January 13, 2019 at 11:14AM The post via TWITTER appeared first on I SAW SOMETHING NICE.

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  • From the top of the stairs
    From the top of the stairs

    Claire fell ill during her holiday, on December 23 exactly. What a work ethic ! She had a HUGE sinusitis, with fever and all the stuff ! She’s finally pretty well healed, and ready to start again today. So we wish her a good return to work, hi hi… You probably want to know who […]

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  • Retrospective 2018
    Retrospective 2018

    Claire began the year by following a very useful course about first aids for cats in January : what equipment to use, how to make a bandage, … you never know ! In February, Zorro celebrated his 5th Gotcha Day. Thanks to you, his commentathon was a real success ! The most incredible of the […]

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  • Farewell, Tommy
    Farewell, Tommy

    We miss the words… Today, we lost a friend : gentle Tommy received his wings after a brief but courageous battle against an agressive cancer (we were talking about it here). All our comforting thoughts go to #1 and to our pals from the Poupounette Gang.

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  • Merry Christmas !
    Merry Christmas !

    The last week flew at full speed, and the Christmas celebrations had already begun for Claire : Thursday 20 with the management and the secretariat, Friday 21 with his fellow teachers, Saturday 22 with grandpa, and it’s not over ! We’re lucky to be part of a fantastic bloggers community, and to call you friends. […]

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  • Joy and sorrow
    Joy and sorrow

    «Joy or sadness, tears are feelings that the heart fails to translate into words.» Unknown author A few days ago, we received a packet from our friends at Poupounette Gang : #1 thought of us during his stay in Japan, and came back with treats and a small plate for us, and socks, a scarf, […]

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    SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND @KureBazaar @PRTICULAR 💎 #nailpolish #fourfree #colors #beauty #isawsomethingnice #news #beautyproducts 💎 — ISAWSOMETHINGNICE.CH (@leazeitman) December 18, 2018 December 18, 2018 at 06:55PM The post via TWITTER appeared first on I SAW SOMETHING NICE.

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