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  • Making Memories [en]

    [en] I’ve recently started watching TV series (Doctor Who!) and listening to podcasts again, partly in an attempt to pull myself out of some activities or preoccupations that were on the way to becoming a little obsessive. And amongst those podcasts I listened to recently, one episode seems to have had a lasting impact on … Continue reading "Making Memories [en]"

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  • [en]

    [en] Earlier today, I was listening to Malcolm Gladwell on the TED Radio Hour podcast. He was talking about choice architecture. In short, how the way we frame the available choices influences decisions (think: opt-in or opt-out, for organ donors for example). James Clear has made me think about this a lot, under the title … Continue reading " [en]"

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  • Blogging, Morning Pages, Goals, Habits, and Accounting [en]
    Blogging, Morning Pages, Goals, Habits, and Accounting [en]

    [fr] Petite réflexion sur ma difficulté à bloguer régulièrement, une prise de conscience sur le type d'activité que j'arrive à faire régulièrement (comparé aux projets long-terme devant lesquels je me décourage), et peut-être une clé pour exploiter l'un afin de me réconcilier avec l'autre. Ayant avec succès fait de bonnes avancées dans ma compta (en … Continue reading "Bloggin...

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  • Is This Why I Stall? [en]
    Is This Why I Stall? [en]

    [fr] Peut-être j'ai besoin d'un dé pour être plus active quand j'ai trop de choix. [en] I am not very good at prioritising. Well, not always good at it. If there is an emergency, if we’re under pressure, if hard decisions need to be made, I can be decent to good at it, depending on … Continue reading "Is This Why I Stall? [en]"

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  • Isolation, Shame, and Guilt. And Grief. [en]
    Isolation, Shame, and Guilt. And Grief. [en]

    [fr] Réflexions sur la honte, la culpabilité, l'isolement et le deuil. La honte nous isole et nous laisse seuls avec nos peines et nos problèmes, nous privant de l'apport extérieur qui est souvent la clé pour avancer. [en] A few weeks back, I wrote a post about the professional turning-point I’m at. What allowed me … Continue reading "Isolation, Shame, and Guilt. And Grief. [en]"

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  • Territorial monitoring

    PIXIE : As you see me there, I am concealed in raspberry bushes to watch better the surroundings… PIXIE : Zorro, look ! ZORRO : Where ? PIXIE : In front of you ! PIXIE : Hey, did you see it ? He’s spying on us from the field ! SPY : But what do they […]

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  • How to make a cat people-friendly
    How to make a cat people-friendly

    PIXIE : Grandpa, Claire’s dad, came yesterday to celebrate his birthday at home. Zorro came to say hello to him, got petted, remained in the lounge with the humans, in brief, a perfect host. I did not even come to say hello. I crossed just once the lounge to show him that I was there, […]

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  • Game or fight ?
    Game or fight ?

    By seeing our photos last Wednesday, several of you wanted to know which of us had won : but even if there was all the same little excitement in the air this day, you all understood that it was about a wrestling game, about an update, and not about a serious fight. However, for a […]

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  • Socks, Drawers, Tidying and Packaging [en]
    Socks, Drawers, Tidying and Packaging [en]

    [en] Right at the beginning of 2016, I stumbled upon this article, which in turn led me to this one, which in turn led me to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It’s a short book. But, like Sarah Knight, it didn’t take me long to reorganise my sock drawer. I … Continue reading "Socks, Drawers, Tidying and Packaging [en]"

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  • Of what will be made the year 2016 ?
    Of what will be made the year 2016 ?

    We’ll usually publish on Mondays and Fridays, as well as certain major “special” days. We’ll make so from time to time an appearance on Wednesday, but not every week. We’ll speak to you about us, about products we like for us or for our human, and we’ll answer the questions that ask all the people […]

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  • This American Life Episode Selection [en]

    [fr] Quelques épisodes de This American Life qui valent le détour. [en] I had my worst “forgot something on the stove” episode today. No fire, but I came back after three hours away to find my flat completely filled with smoke. I had to hold my breath to open the windows (everything was closed). My…

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  • Bad Cat Photos (And Links. Non-Cat Links.) [en]
    Bad Cat Photos (And Links. Non-Cat Links.) [en]

    [fr] Des liens. Surtout. [en] I still haven’t found the magic solution to grab interesting links on-the-fly and collect them for a future blog post. I easily share to facebook, G+ and Twitter from any device. Anything shared on Twitter ends up in delicious, and so does everything shared to facebook (albeit privately). I stuff things…

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  • Fuzzy Vision [en]
    Fuzzy Vision [en]

    [fr] Encore du vrac! [en] Watch, if you haven’t watched it yet, the video on managing unconscious bias at Facebook. And, just because I thought of it right now this second, this documentary on Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens. He tells a very moving story of his religious journey, from the…

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  • A Patchwork Post From The Chalet [en]
    A Patchwork Post From The Chalet [en]

    [fr] Plein de choses en vrac. Y'a des liens qui mènent vers des trucs en français. [en] I keep falling into this trap. I don’t blog about something because there is something else, more important, that I should blog about before and haven’t got around to writing. In this case, it’s the fact that just…

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  • A Post About Many Things [en]

    [fr] Des choses en vrac! [en] It happened again. As time goes by and things to say pile up, the pile weighs heavy on my fingers and blog posts don’t get written. Been there, done that, will happen again. First, a heartfelt thanks to all the people who reacted to my post about being single…

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  • The Right to Grieve — And That Means Being Sad [en]

    [fr] Avez-vous remarqué comme personne ne veut qu'on soit triste? La tristesse est néanmoins une émotion nécessaire, celle qui nous permet d'accepter une perte, d'en faire le deuil, et de pouvoir continuer à avancer à travers et au-delà de la peine. [en] Have you noticed how nobody wants you to be sad? Tell people around…

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  • Mental health
    Mental health

    I don’t know if you have seen it, but Jack Harries from Jacksgap has recently uploaded a video about mental health. In it he talks about his own issues with depression and how it’s not talked about enough which concludes to him asking other content creators to talk about it. Today I’m doing so. On my 2 hour commute to […]

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