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  • The Future of Fake News [en]

    [fr] Ce n'est pas souvent que la technologie me fait peur. Ça doit être que j'ai plus de 35 ans, maintenant. On peut maintenant, à partir de 20 à 40 minutes d'échantllons vocaux, faire dire ce qu'on veut à quelqu'un en tapant le texte en question. On peut également "animer" un visage dans une vidéo … Continue reading "The Future of Fake News [en]"

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  • Currently watching
    Currently watching

    I’m a sucker for a good TV show and to my friends it’s not a big secret, that I can catch up on a 3-season-series within a weekend. I’ve been trying to lower my series-watching to a minimum, so currently I’m only watching three shows. Maybe some of you are looking to start a new […] The post Currently watching appeared first on celinaloves.

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  • Podcasts I’m Listening To [en]

    [fr] Les podcasts que j'écoute... [en] The list of podcasts I listen to has grown a lot during these last months. So much that I have trouble keeping up. Here they are, if you want to get infected too: Mystery Show: solving mysteries, seriously. Like, detective stories without a crime. On the Media: a meta-show…

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  • A Patchwork Post From The Chalet [en]
    A Patchwork Post From The Chalet [en]

    [fr] Plein de choses en vrac. Y'a des liens qui mènent vers des trucs en français. [en] I keep falling into this trap. I don’t blog about something because there is something else, more important, that I should blog about before and haven’t got around to writing. In this case, it’s the fact that just…

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  • A Post About Many Things [en]

    [fr] Des choses en vrac! [en] It happened again. As time goes by and things to say pile up, the pile weighs heavy on my fingers and blog posts don’t get written. Been there, done that, will happen again. First, a heartfelt thanks to all the people who reacted to my post about being single…

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