• Pitching: Don’t Assume I’ll Be Interested, and Some Advice [en]
    Pitching: Don’t Assume I’ll Be Interested, and Some Advice [en]

    [fr] Comme blogueuse, j'ai malheureusement l'habitude qu'on m'approche avec des infographies et autres contenus "pour mes lecteurs". Ahem. N'importe qui ayant passé plus de 4 minutes sur mon blog devrait vite repérer que mon business n'est pas la reproduction du travail d'autrui. La nouvelle tendance, c'est les startups et autres entrepreneurs du coin qui me … Continue reading "Pitching: Do...

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  • The Zurich (Swiss) Startup Paradox
    The Zurich (Swiss) Startup Paradox

    Switzerland is a beautiful country to work and to live. Low unemployment rate and good salaries, a very stable politic system, data privacy, beautiful landscapes, a precise and working transportation system, a place in Central Europe and very good international flights connections. Swiss people are also among the happiest people in the world (see here). Switzerland is even one of the most innov...

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  • Happy Easter Fintech Egg Hunt!
    Happy Easter Fintech Egg Hunt!

    It’s almost already Easter… and a long weekend to relax and maybe do some Easter Egg Hunts? Next Thursday, a big fintech event is happening in Zürich: The Fintech 2016 Conference. A wide panel of fintech experts, financial executives and investors will present and debate about innovation in the financial industry. From banking innovation to blockchain, from learnings out of the Silicon Val...

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  • Financially Alert in the "Richest Blogger Single Advice" serie
    Financially Alert in the "Richest Blogger Single Advice" serie

    During summer 2015, I was wondering how I could get relevant external advices on how to become rich - let's say 1 million dollar is a good start. As many books describe it, one of the best way to achieve something big in a specific area is to learn from the people who master this very area. Hence, I introduced the "Richest Blogger Single Advice" serie in which I interview the Richest Bloggers o...

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  • Does Switzerland Now Have Its Startup Event?
    Does Switzerland Now Have Its Startup Event?

    We often hear that Switzerland lacks of a big startup event. Dublin had one with Web Summit (now moving to Lisbon), Paris had one with LeWeb (now kind of “replaced” by the The Rude Baguette events or the new Viva Technology event), Vienna has Pioneers, Münich has DLD Conference, Amsterdam has The Next Web, Barcelona has many startup events around the Mobile World Congress, Berlin and Londo...

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  • 3 concrete action points from the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing" (by Marie Kondo)
    3 concrete action points from the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing" (by Marie Kondo)

    Since childhood I got an education where organization and tidiness were taught as something as important as to brush my teeth or to say "Hi" and "Thanks". So until recently, I kept applying what I had learnt during three decades and thought I wasn't doing so bad in the matters of decluttering and organizing. This was until I stumble upon the best seller book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidy...

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  • SICTIC Investor Day Lausanne is back (without me!)
    SICTIC Investor Day Lausanne is back (without me!)

    The next SICTIC Investor Day Lausanne will happen in Lausanne on April 25th, at EPFL. 8 selected technology-driven startups (the web, mobile, software, hardware) will have the opportunity to do an elevator pitch (one slide, 90 seconds) to an interesting audience comprised of business angels, professional investors and startup enthusiasts. The public will then select 4 startups based on their s...

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  • Startup Weekend Biel/Bienne is back on March 18th!
    Startup Weekend Biel/Bienne is back on March 18th!

    This year again, Startup Weekend is coming back to Biel/Bienne, the biggest bilingual city of Switzerland. And again, I’m deeply involved in the organisation, as Biel/Bienne is kind of my home city. You may have heard that Startup Weekend Lausanne just happened, on EPFL campus. Startup Weekend Biel/Bienne is different. Less students, more people active as manager, developers, business men, de...

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  • GO WEST! 7 days to apply to Venture Leaders NYC

    End of February rhymes, since already 15 years, with time to apply to the Venture Leaders program! If you’re (relatively) new on the startup scene, you may wonder what it means: simply said, you have the opportunity to get selected in the Swiss Startup National Team of 2016! I had the chance to participate in 2014 with my company (you can discover my posts about the 2014 and 2015 teams) and I...

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  • Time to Lift!
    Time to Lift!

    In less than a week, the famous Lift Conference is taking place again in Geneva. For thos who haven’t heard from it so far… that probably means that: you’re new on the startup scene (great, welcome!) you’re living on another planet (or at least, not in Switzerland ;-)…) Lift Conference is a great conference to get inspiration for top innovators from around the world, like Brian Solis....

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  • Blogger Savings Rate Index 2015
    Blogger Savings Rate Index 2015

    Last year, I was looking for ways to improve our savings rate. As it's one of the most powerful personal finance tool to reach Financial Independence, I wanted to study how the leaders in this topic were reaching crazy figures every month. Hence I created the Blogger Savings Rate Index (aka. #BSRI) in order to get inspired by my fellow personal finance bloggers. Blogger Savings Rate Index...

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  • 12 goals for 2016
    12 goals for 2016

    Here we are in 2016! Are you ready to embrace a new year with its load of opportunities? Or are you more feeling like a boat on a river that just want one thing: follow the flow and see what happen? Either way, there is no bad or good answer! Indeed, the sure thing is that it's up to you! It's your call! It's your choice!!! How is that powerful!?! Here in Switzerland, I've decided to focu...

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  • My 2015 wrap-up
    My 2015 wrap-up

    End of January… it is almost late to share my 2015 wrap-up. But still time. I was planning to do it until mid of this month, but you know how life is: days have only 24 hours! You may have seen that turned 4 on January 12th. Already 4 years! It has gone so quickly and it is such a long time ago in the same time. I have lived so many amazing (and less amazing, true!) experience...

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  • Retrospective of my 14 goals of 2015
    Retrospective of my 14 goals of 2015

    It's been such a long time since I didn't write that I feel like a student stressed by the exam blank sheet syndrome! Does it remember you something? Anyway, I've not left University years ago to get back to the same kind of constraints - I want to keep this blog something that I do because I want to, and not because I have to. So let me first wish you all the best for the upcoming 2016 year....

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  • turned 4… today!

    First of all, I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year (I think we can still say it until mid-January)! Hopefully, the Christmas break was the opportunity to relax (aka SLEEP!), spend time with family & friends and refill the batteries! Today is a very special day for me… Exactly 4 years ago, I wrote my first ever blog post. My initial idea was just to share knowledge and insights I was coll...

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  • From ‘Me at the Zoo’ to ‘Red’, the new YouTube subscription service

    Elephants trunks are cool The first YouTube video uploaded was “Me at the Zoo” on April 23rd 2005, by one of the site’s three co-founders, Jawed Karim. The 18-second piece now has over 28,000,000 views and features him talking in front of some elephants, complimenting their “really, really long trunks” as being “cool”. Each of the YouTube [&hellip Cet article From ‘Me at t...

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  • Another Piece of the Puzzle: Human Resources [en]
    Another Piece of the Puzzle: Human Resources [en]

    [fr] Deux prises de conscience professionnelles importantes: l'une, que certain des services sur lesquels je pense me concentrer semblent être d'intérêt pour les ressources humaines. L'autre, que ce que je nommais un peu maladroitement dans ma tête "médiation" se rapproche pas mal de "coordination" ou "facilitation". Et puis des trucs en vrac. [en] I was…

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  • From Startup to Growth: 10 Survival Rules for Startups
    From Startup to Growth: 10 Survival Rules for Startups

    I first met with Raffael years ago  (in 2009 or 2010) at the Startup Day, FORUM EPFL, in Lausanne. At that time, I was trying to convince him to relocate his company a bit Northern Switzerland, as this was part of my mission. I was sure he and Joël were on something extremely promising, which is finally true. I remember our discussions as they were bootstrapping (this word was quite unknown a...

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  • The Seed Round Guide: Why Silicon Valley May Not Be Your Best Option (III/III)
    The Seed Round Guide: Why Silicon Valley May Not Be Your Best Option (III/III)

    This is a guest post by Penny Schiffer a Zürich-based energetic woman, passionate by the startup and investment world. She’s currently managing the startup initiatives of Swisscom and in charge of the « Swisscom Startup Challenge » and also part of Swisscom Ventures and a member of the business angel club Go Beyond. This post is part of the Seed Round Guide (check The Seed Round Guide: Is ...

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  • Apply to the Swiss Fintech Award until Nov 30th!

    As already explained earlier this year, the Swiss fintech scene is growing rapidly. And even more since then! A new award was launched end of September: “The Swiss FinTech Award”. The idea is to build a national ecosystem that helps Swiss fintech companies going forward, and gaining international attention. Initiated by Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum, the initiative gathers key players in the ...

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