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  • The Future of Fake News [en]

    [fr] Ce n'est pas souvent que la technologie me fait peur. Ça doit être que j'ai plus de 35 ans, maintenant. On peut maintenant, à partir de 20 à 40 minutes d'échantllons vocaux, faire dire ce qu'on veut à quelqu'un en tapant le texte en question. On peut également "animer" un visage dans une vidéo … Continue reading "The Future of Fake News [en]"

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  • [en]

    [en] Earlier today, I was listening to Malcolm Gladwell on the TED Radio Hour podcast. He was talking about choice architecture. In short, how the way we frame the available choices influences decisions (think: opt-in or opt-out, for organ donors for example). James Clear has made me think about this a lot, under the title … Continue reading " [en]"

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  • The most frugal way to travel 300 kms in Europe (when you don't own a car)
    The most frugal way to travel 300 kms in Europe (when you don't own a car)

    Three weeks ago, Mrs MP and kids went for a longer weekend from Thursday on. I had to work until the end of the week so we looked at the options for me to join them on Saturday morning. We hence looked for a way of transportation other than our own car (as my wife had it) to take me on a 300 kms trip from Lausanne (Switzerland) to Lyon (France). Below are the three options we evaluated. Hopef...

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  • 6 concrete action points from the book "The ONE Thing"
    6 concrete action points from the book "The ONE Thing"

    The last book I read back in May dramatically changed my life in 9 ways. When I say dramatically, I mean it! I've gone through the action points right now and all of them are still applicable to my actual life five months afterwards. Quite amazing honestly. Highly recommended reading! While this "Essentialism" methodology provided me the basic framework to re-focus my life on the truly meanin...

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