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  • The Future of Fake News [en]

    [fr] Ce n'est pas souvent que la technologie me fait peur. Ça doit être que j'ai plus de 35 ans, maintenant. On peut maintenant, à partir de 20 à 40 minutes d'échantllons vocaux, faire dire ce qu'on veut à quelqu'un en tapant le texte en question. On peut également "animer" un visage dans une vidéo … Continue reading "The Future of Fake News [en]"

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  • Developing a HoloLens app within three months – the agile way
    Developing a HoloLens app within three months – the agile way

    How it all began So when we got our HoloLens as one of the first companies in Germany back in June 2016, our first steps were very cautious. We were actually just tinkering around with it: Trying out Hololens app development here, writing some “Hello holographic world” there. The attention from outside was still enormous from the start though: The biggest computer magazine in Germany “c...

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  • [en]

    [en] This week-end I was listening to a Fresh Air interview of the author of Irresistible, on addictive technology. I don’t like the idea of considering tech overuse as an addiction. But if we leave words like that one aside, I find myself in agreement with Adam Alter. Here’s my main take-away, the one that … Continue reading " [en]"

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  • [en]

    [en] I think that now that we are all experiencing that we can be “public” (something we couldn’t 20 years ago) we’re going to be crawling back into more private spaces, understanding that the advantages we can see to “reaching more people” or “micro-fame” come with a load of drawbacks. But we need time in … Continue reading " [en]"

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  • Nearly a Week With Less Facebook [en]

    [fr] Il y a près d'une semaine, sur une impulsion, j'ai supprimé de mon téléphone l'application Facebook: c'était en effet principalement sur mon téléphone que je me retrouvais à consulter mon fil d'actus de façon un peu frénétique, compulsive. Et ces temps, les nouvelles du monde qui ont envahi "mon" Facebook commençaient à me peser. … Continue reading "Nearly a Week With Less F...

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  • Talk: Be Your Best Offline Self Online [en]
    Talk: Be Your Best Offline Self Online [en]

    [fr] La conférence que j'ai donnée mercredi à Women in Digital Switzerland à Lausanne. [en] Kelly invited me to be the guest speaker for the Women in Digital meetup in Lausanne on Wednesday, with a talk titled “Be Your Best Offline Self Online: How your personal online presence helps your business/career“. It was streamed live on Facebook, which … Continue reading "Talk: Be Your Be...

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  • A Trip to the Zoo… of IoT Platforms
    A Trip to the Zoo… of IoT Platforms

    The Internet of Things arguably constitutes the mega-trend of our present time. In fact, it is such a big thing that one can easily spot trends within the trend -- one of which is the boom of IoT platforms. So what exactly is an IoT platform? A little research shows that different vendors offer very different products under this label. Therefore, a common definition would have to be about as va...

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  • Software is Not Hardware –  Why You Shouldn’t Test Embedded Software in a Test Stand
    Software is Not Hardware – Why You Shouldn’t Test Embedded Software in a Test Stand

    Well, in fact you can and you should test embedded software in a test stand. But it shouldn’t be the only thing in your test strategy. In fact, you probably shouldn’t spend more than a third of your test budget on the test stand. Here is the reason why: A bug found on the test stand is an expensive finding! Instead, almost all bugs should be found well before the Weiterlesen

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  • An In-Depth Look at Defensive Programming
    An In-Depth Look at Defensive Programming

    In many contexts (such as safety-critical systems), it does not suffice to write code in a way that only covers good-weather scenarios. Instead, when designing interfaces and implementing functionality, we should pay close attention to what could go wrong, and incorporate respective countermeasures. The latter question is not only about possible runtime problems such as memory corruption; it pa...

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  • A Patchwork Post From The Chalet [en]
    A Patchwork Post From The Chalet [en]

    [fr] Plein de choses en vrac. Y'a des liens qui mènent vers des trucs en français. [en] I keep falling into this trap. I don’t blog about something because there is something else, more important, that I should blog about before and haven’t got around to writing. In this case, it’s the fact that just…

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  • Clinical Trials with the Apple ResearchKit
    Clinical Trials with the Apple ResearchKit

    Too many clinical trials fail – where are the errors and how to remove them? When looking at the overall process of a clinical trial, we can separate the sources of errors into the following classes: hypothesis: poor quality of the underlying hypothesis knowledge about the patient inherent statistical errors data errors during a trial Looking at those types of trials where a paper-version of ...

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  • Disconnection [en]

    [fr] Certaines formes d'écriture ne peuvent plus se faire déconnectée, pour moi. [en] I’m at my chalet. Cats are curled up on the bed and I have a nice cup of tea ready. There is no wifi here. Cellphone reception is extremely patchy — and cellular data, when it works, is excruciatingly slow and unreliable.…

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